Tory Meltdown – It’s Time for Change

James Dalton, Going Postal

Only through the ballot box can the people of the United Kingdom achieve the desperately needed change for their country. The alternative doesn’t bare contemplation. Each voter has the power to change the course of the UK. If voters continue to vote for the Labour Party or the Conservative Party (or the SNP, LibDems, Sinn Fein, Plaid and yes, the DUP, UUP and SDLP) they will continue to be abused, controlled and ignored by the corrupted players in our sham democracy and eventually our social order will completely break down.

“You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.” Ayn Rand.  Theresa May and her battalion of uselessness (highly remunerated uselessness) have been denying reality for two years. To quote Nigel Farage “We want our country back!”  and to confirm reality, on the 23rd of June 2016 the people told the Government – “let it be so”.

The Tory meltdown that has been witnessed over the preceding days is a symptom of the continuing betrayal of the British people who instructed the Government on 23rd June 2016 that it was to facilitate the UK’s departure from the EU. Completely. Two years of delays, fearmongering, propaganda, lies, smears, division, uncertainty, procrastination, obfuscation and betrayal, the chickens are coming home to roost for Theresa May, possibly the worst PM in my lifetime – and considering that Tony Blair took us to war after lying to the HoC, that’s pretty bad. Reality has been avoided by our so called leaders, our traitors-in-chief.

James Dalton, Going Postal

Theresa May campaigned for Remain.  As Home Secretary she ‘oversaw’ a continuation of mass uncontrolled immigration, despite promising to cut it to “tens of thousands”. Failed. She announced her support for the police with strong words to engender the respect of the Police Service. She failed.  Whilst the UK remains in the EU, mass uncontrolled immigration will continue. She continues to fail. The problems in schools, hospitals, housing and welfare budgets are all directly attributable to this insane policy of the abandonment of border control. Thanks Theresa. That any voter does not understand the responsibility of protecting the borders and controlling who enters our country is sad, however such people not only exist, they hold political power.  The EU’s strategy to attain complete control of the UK Treasury and military is continuing under Theresa May. This strategy includes the engineering of the voter base through mass immigration and state handouts. So is Theresa May failing, or is she succeeding in her true intent?

But Theresa Mays two-faced tactic has proven too difficult. Saying one thing and doing another. People tend to notice these trends. Trends of failure sustained by a broken corrupt political system. She has lost the trust that she hoped her lies, obfuscatory oratory and treasonous cunning would sustain. Conservative voters, patriots who love their country, can now see the Conservative and Unionist Party for what it really is. A corrupted socialist federalist party, owned by corporatist interests, singing to the tune of the Chancellor of Germany and her other associated globalist puppet masters.

Theresa May has alienated the most powerful man in the world. The President of the United States of America. Why? The USA is the flagship of liberty for the world, for Western civilisation. The holder of the office, Donald J Trump has put into action the plan and agenda upon which he was elected by the people of the USA to implement. The US economy has turned around and the people of the USA have found a President who gets results for his country and upholds and defends the Constitution. More relevantly for the UK, he is an Anglophile, has a Scottish mother, loves the UK and has promoted and announced his desire for nation to nation free trade agreements. So why Theresa May, why? It doesn’t make sense…  …unless failure is the goal.

Theresa May has done nothing to prevent the Mayor of London openly insulting the POTUS and arranging for a hate mob to assemble. Do people really not understand the unprecedented madness of treating a visiting statesman without basic dignity and hospitality? How low must our country be to flaunt its societal infantilism so brazenly? Theresa contributes to the staining of our country’s reputation. She fails to set a good example.

Theresa May announced her Brexit Plan on Friday 6th July. Or as it is otherwise known, her Remain plan. And David Davis resigned. Then Steve Baker did, then Suella Braverman. All on Sunday night. More resignations on Monday, notably Boris Johnson, Bozza the buffoon. Loveable Boris, always in the thick of it, always on manoeuvres.

Theresa May hangs on, a career decorated with strong statements, empty hollow rhetoric. She speaks the words convincingly, but does nothing. Her record is of abject failure. She is truly barren, a carbuncle on our nation, a symptom of the rot within the corpse of representative democracy in the UK.

The charade will continue, but it matters not. The legacy Parties will die – it is just a matter of timescales, because people care about their families. They care about jobs, schooling, healthcare, the roads and their local environment. People don’t want crime and they want their children to grow up in a safe environment and achieve a better standard of living than they themselves enjoy. We also know through polling and measurement that the people want immigration to be controlled. A large proportion of the people want immigration to be stopped altogether!

Under the LibLabCon mass controlled immigration will continue.

Only through Direct Democracy can the wishes of the people to control immigration and stop the destructive insanity of the EU agenda be achieved. The Democrats & Veterans are intent on introducing Direct Democracy to the British people; on upholding the rights of the individual; to reassert Common Law and to return to the people their constitutional inalienable rights – that is their birth right, a birth right provided through the deeds and blood of the generations of Britons who preceded us.

Unite for Brexit

Theresa May keeps confirming, time after time, that democracy in the UK is dead, your vote is irrelevant, the country can accept unlimited numbers of new migrants and that your taxes should be pumped into the pockets of foreign entities and the coffers of foreign despots.

Patriots need to act, for the battle of the ballot box must be waged and the corrupt legacy parties ejected, and for that foot soldiers are required. Read up on our values today and help the Democrats & Veterans implement the will of the people.

Your vote matters. Use it, and never, never, never vote Conservative, Labour, LibDems or SNP ever again. Your vote matters as it is the only way to rid our nation of this toxic cabal who enslave us. Use your vote if you truly believe that Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

© James Dalton 2018, Democrats & Veterans Party, for Direct Democracy.

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