Look at the Facts – Trump, Putin and Fakenews

James Dalton, Going Postal

Look at the facts? When President Donald J Trump and President Vladimir Putin gave a joint press conference in Helsinki on Monday 16th July 2018, I listened to it.

One fact is: Following 32 minutes of reassuring diplomatic language, I was shocked. I’m rarely shocked at political rhetoric, but the words uttered by the translator who was translating Putin’s responses shocked me. Following on from discussions on mutual agreement for the USA and Russia to co-operate on international criminal investigations, Putin piped up with a specific example…

“…business associates… …have earned over $1.5 Billion in Russia. They never paid any taxes, neither in Russia nor in the USA and yet the money escaped the country… …transferred to the USA. They sent a huge amount of money, 400 million, as a contribution to the campaign of Hillary Clinton…”

Wow. A genuine jaw hits the floor moment. A bombshell. A bombshell of gargantuan proportions in a world obsessed by ‘Russian Collusion’. How would the world and the mainstream media react to such a pronouncement of a link between international criminals acting in Russia, and the finances of the Clinton campaign? Russian collusion indeed!

You can watch and listen to what was said here:

And the whole world was watching.

Two days later I am writing this. Why are the media not talking about this $400m and Clinton and Russians? I suggest the reason is collusion. The mainstream media ARE fakenews and their collusion as partisan political participants is revealed so clearly in the reporting of this Trump/Putin press conference. But what is fakenews?

Fakenews can be lies, but is not necessarily lies. Fakenews can be distraction. Fakenews can be avoidance. Fakenews can be obfuscation.

The biggest fakenews tactics are distraction and avoidance, for those are the easiest.

Avoidance is shown by the response of the mainstream media outlets to the Trump/Putin meeting and press conference. There are those who understand why these media elites would never want to discuss why Vladimir Putin was talking about $400m of gangster money being syphoned into the coffers of the Clinton cartel and as an observational exercise it has been interesting to watch how they responded. Of course they avoided reporting what Putin said. Reporting what Presidents say is what is expected of reporters, theoretically. Avoiding what Putin said about the source of Clinton’s $400m payment is what fakenews purveyors needed to deal with. And so they did, describing how they personally felt after listening to the press conference. “Astonished”, “Disgusted”, “Disgraceful”, “Unacceptable”, “Insulting”, “Impeachable”, “New low”, and so on. As for reporting what was said about the $400m and the accusation, the assertion made that the Hillary Clinton campaign had been funded by dirty money from Russia, nothing, nadda, zilch. Russian collusion indeed! Perhaps there was a time when such a sniff of a story would be to a journalist the proverbial red meat. But now it appears that such a stunning statement by the President of Russia, apparently confirming the fears of US ‘journalists’ that there was dodgy Russian influence in the US elections was a piece of Kryptonite, for talk about it and analyse it – they have not.

Avoidance also extended to Trump’s confirmation that what he wanted was ‘the server’. Questions relating to the whether the Russians had ‘hacked’ Clinton’s server, served as a timely reminder that Hillary Clinton broke the law by keeping and distributing Government data, including Confidential data, on private servers outwith the limits defined by law. Furthermore, she also lied about it on the record. Donald Trump played it with a straight bat and used the opportunity to confirm that he didn’t know who had hacked Clinton’s server, but that he would like very much to know what had happened to it and what was on it. The press of course avoided talking about it and further displayed their Trump Derangement Syndrome. Fakenews don’t like to talk about the server, Clinton, Seth Rich, Fusion GP, Uranium 1, James Comey, Peter Strzok, Andy McCabe, Lisa Page, John Brennan…. So many interesting things, events and people to avoid talking about.

Distraction. Fakenews by distraction is an alternative when avoidance doesn’t quite do the job.  And the distraction was provided by Trump himself. For Trump misspoke and not only that, he admitted it!  On Tuesday 17th July, Donald J Trump announced that when he had uttered the word ‘would’ in a sentence, he should have said ‘wouldn’t’. Really, he did. He corrected himself and in doing so found that this, not $400m in dirty money from Russia ending up in Hillary Clinton’s jumpsuit back pocket, was the red meat to which the modern fakenews ‘journalist’ is attracted. “Liar”, “Traitor”, “Impeach him”, “Disgusting”, “Astonishing”, etc, etc. The wouldn’t not would, would also distract the eye from the disgraceful performance of Peter Strzok in front of Trey Gowdy at the Congressional hearing, a creepier individual it being hard to imagine. If you want to witness what ‘Drain the Swamp’ means, watch Mr Strzok interact with Trey Gowdy (both highly paid by the US taxpayer).

There are other distractions of course. The world cup has gone and the reportedly homophobic Russians (who should have been boycotted, evidently) failed to persecute or hang gays and ran the  most successful of World Cup tournaments. Theresa May’s betrayal of Brexit needed to take a back seat as Novichok, the most ineffective of deadliest nerve agents gripped the News rooms and spin doctors and fought hard with the ‘Thai boys trapped in a cave’ story for airtime. Discussions of US / UK trade deals and the post Brexit opportunities failed to garner the attention of journalists when Trump came for his UK visit immediately before his Putin rendezvous, but the MAGA agenda promoted by Trump didn’t manage to raise the eyebrows of our ‘journalists’ because the much more interesting issue of overpriced inflatable insults to the POTUS being flown over Westminster by a posse of degenerates and freaks is evidently the editorial choice of our media mogul betters.

James Dalton, Going Postal

Not only is Fakenews an insidious phenomenon. It has become pathetic. Two statesmen met in Helsinki on 16th July 2018. They spoke of their responsibilities to their own countries and people. They spoke of their responsibilities to the wider world. The truth, the sad hard truth, is that the political commentariat in the western world is corrupted to the extent that they would rather see World War III and mass human misery than see Trump succeeding for the US public. The sadder truth is the corrupted journalistic elites actively contribute to the likelihood of war, misery and social breakdown by lying, avoiding, distracting and obfuscating: keeping the truth from the public and the corrupt political elites in power.

The truth about Clinton’s crimes – her collusion with criminal enterprises throughout the world, Uranium 1, the dodgy dossier, this $400m, the Haiti missing children, the Democrat primary rigging, the illegal server, her rapist husband’s activities and I suspect much, much worse will come to light eventually and those who are still ensnared by the Fakenews onslaught will look back and wonder – “how was I duped?”

Fakenews is real. As Mark Twain said, allegedly, “It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled”.

Fakenews is the BBC. It is Channel 4, ITV, SKY, The Grauniad, The Times, The Telegraph, The Sun, The Mirror, the Mail, The Express, The Independent… It is the control of what you hear, what you see, what you feel and what you think about. Fakenews is the ownership of media and the censorship of the very essence of journalism and journalistic excellence. For if truth is known, if truth seekers and truth tellers have the ear of the public, the house of cards within which our corrupted political elites have constructed their authoritarian enslavement of the people would come crashing down.

Where are the journalists and why aren’t they asking about the $400m of dirty Russian money received by the Clinton campaign? In the legacy media journalism is dead and the questions, let alone the answers, will not be found there. A new generation of journalists are out there as independents, for independent they must be if they possess the attributes of a thirsty truth seeker. They are out there on the internet and they are strengthening and increasing their audience by the day.

© James Dalton 2018, Democrats & Veterans Party for Direct Democracy.

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