Jacob Rees-Mogg and the Conundrum of the Tory Party Leadership

As we know only too well, there has been a great deal of turmoil and uncertainty surrounding the Tories recently and in particular Theresa May’s leadership. There is also the matter of the influence of Jacob Rees-Mogg and the frustrations amongst his supporters that he hasn’t taken the opportunity to call for May to step down and launch a leadership bid of his own. In view of these matters and the commentary here and on Twitter, I’ve been giving much thought to these matters and decided (being currently signed off work and getting very bored stuck at home) to create a YouTube channel and make a video about the aforementioned issues.

The video is my first attempt at doing something like this and I hadn’t intended for it to be so long, although anyone who has read my articles before, or even some of my comments, will know that brevity isn’t my strong point! I don’t think my speaking voice is particularly great and the audio quality isn’t the best but given what I had available to record with at the time it seems passable enough. The editing isn’t too bad, all things considered and the application I used to create the video with (Wondershare Filmora) is quite easy to use, although given the length of the video and the number of visual sources I used, it took a lot longer to edit than I could have envisaged. *Note to self: keep it simpler in future!*

To save you a bit of time, in case you can’t/don’t want to listen to the whole thing (and I wouldn’t blame you, given my dulcet tones!) I’d say the video roughly breaks down as follows:

0-7 minutes: A discussion of Mogg’s reputation, which people on here should be familiar with, so feel free to flick through or skip those if you wish – they are more intended for a general audience consumption;
7-10 minutes: Mogg’s relationship with May and his possible (thwarted) ambitions under her;
10- 17 minutes: The Chequers proposals and their fallout; Mogg’s continued support of May, albeit with criticisms of her; the ERG amendments and Mogg’s influence in matters; the question of May’s continued leadership;
17- 27 minutes: Mogg’s ambitions, whether for leadership, cabinet, some other kind of significant influence or none at all;
27-31 minutes: Conclusions.

I hope it might be of some interest and/or enjoyment. And if not… well… I suppose there’s just no pleasing some people


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