“I Hate Trump!”… …Beer and Football

James Dalton, Going Postal

I can’t help it. I feel down, subdued. Again. It’s not coming home this year, but I’m sure I’ll get over it. I did last time and the time before that, for we of a certain generation, for whom 1966 is just a memory are hardened to it. 1966 is a memory – not even a real one to most of us – but one passed down through fathers to sons. One passed down through film, through television sets and then video. Now available on your computer.  Not in my lifetime has England succeeded in winning an international football trophy yet the emotion is real and this night I am on a downer.

Football has been a distraction and to put it into perspective, the England team has done as well as any other England teams, excepting the 1990 and 1996 teams, who also ultimately disappointed. Beautiful summer weather, football and beer have given pleasure to many an Englishman and England supporter, a welcome distracting pleasure.

But the dream is over for another two years, four years for the World Cup, and the football and beer will soon transfer to early season domestic issues.  But will that united England base, along with its Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish brothers and sisters dissipate and fragment over the coming months?

Have the distractions, done their job and numbed the minds of an angering British public? Theresa May has had a rough week, but the minds of many English voters, and no doubt some Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish voters too have not been focused on the treasonous duplicity of her actions. The culmination of two years of inaction with respect to leaving the EU.

News reports following Donald Trump’s meeting with NATO on Tuesday confirmed exactly what he had said publicly the week before. Last week on Thursday the 6th of July whilst Theresa May was briefing Angela Merkel on Brexit (or receiving her briefing) he told his home audience at a ‘Trump Rally’ in Montana  exactly what he was going to do.  Is it that the UK press are merely incompetent? Is it that out of all the battalions of bureaucrats under the command of Theresa May, not one was listening to Donald Trump and what he was saying?  Approximately 17 minutes into his speech, Donald Trump told his audience about what he was going to be doing next week.

“…we go away on Monday… …and I’ll see lots of people. I’ll see NATO and I’m gonna tell NATO… …’you gotta start paying your bills, the United States is not gonna take care of everything’…”  To which Trump’s Montana crowd gave rapturous applause in that distinctive American Whoopahalla manner.

As is becoming predictable with Trump, when he says he’s going to do something – he does it, and he’s winning in the eyes of the American public. Taxes? Cut! Jobs? Record numbers! Unemployment? Down! Blacks’, Hispanics’, women’s unemployment? Record lows! North Korea? Yes, even North Korea.

So when Trump slapped the bottoms of the neutered heads of state of NATO the reality of another financial black hole hit home to European leaders, but it was not really a surprise. The complicit mainstream media twisted the facts and the reality to maintain the stigmatising narrative that accompanies the most overtly hated man in modern history. Obama bin Laden got a better and more understanding press than the current President of the United States. And Trump is right in this. European countries have largely been failing to uphold their commitment to spend a given proportion of GDP on defence spending and it is the US taxpayer footing the vast majority of the bill for the defence of Europe – Trump is merely holding them to account.

Trump went on to say: “…we’re bringing back our wealth from foreign countries. They’ve been ripping us off for years…” and   “…The United States of America was the Piggybank that everyone was robbing, let me tell you, in many cases our allies were worse than our enemies…”    Yup. He’s right again, and he’s is openly telling the people that he is putting America first. Which is of course, his job.

“I hate Trump”. I hear this a lot. “I hate Trump, how can you defend him?” The hatred for the man, and possibly the office he holds too, oozes out of every broadcast by the bought and paid for chatteratti infecting the UK and European media. He has been found guilty. Of something. Of just about everything according to statistics on the favourability of media coverage of his preceding two years. The public hatred of Trump often crops up in everyday conversations here in the UK. Have you noticed?  “You know you hate him, don’t you?” I often ask when emotional outpourings of hatred towards Trump are offered in my presence. “Yes” is the response. “Have you ever met him?” I always ask… …I’ve never met anybody who has. Beer and football, snippets of fakenews headlines interspersed with football and chatter distract and condition emotions. There are always reasons, reasons based on lies and distortions of stories – all demonstrably unsustainable once you scratch beneath the surface of the propaganda. The abuse of words, the abuse of power and the dereliction of duty from a so called ‘free press’.

Donald J Trump. Racist, supported openly and enthusiastically by Sheriff David J Clarke, “Diamond and Silk” Candice Owens and countless other Americans of countless hues and races. Give me a break, Trump’s no racist.

Donald J Trump. Homophobe? Ask Peter Thiel, “Gays for Trump” and Scott Presler. Give me a break, Trump’s no homophobe.

Donald J Trump. Assaulted women – grabbed ‘em by the pussy. No. He didn’t. The media circus surrounding the release of an audio tape of Trump speaking in private to another individual about the advantages of wealth when it came to female attention seemed never-ending, replayed time after time with extra time, penalties and beyond. Bragging about being that man to whom women throw themselves, pussy first so to speak, in a consensual manner, for whatever it is that motivates such behaviour towards wealthy men, is not “assaulting women” or even joking about assaulting women. This blatantly biased coverage failed to sway the vote to Clinton in 2016.

Donald J Trump. Fascist. This is the dumbest insult of them all, as well as the most wicked. His actions in appointing relatively young respected Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh will reassure the American people that their Constitutional Rights will be more secure. The American people understand that their liberty and their Republic was fought and paid for and the price was bloody. They understand that the dangers of tyranny, a tyranny of either a minority or a majority, can only be confronted by free men, and that those free men have the Constitutional right to bear arms. Trump is the antithesis of ‘fascist’.

The people of Europe have no reason to hate Donald Trump. The hatred that many of them feel is baggage, a cerebral burden implanted in their minds by a globalist political elite.

I don’t hate Trump. What Trump is doing as the leader of his country, is winning. He is winning and winning for the people of the USA. I want some of that for my country. Some winning and some leadership. Yet we have the useless failure – Theresa May and a corrupted Tory Government betraying Brexit, betraying the people and betraying democracy itself.

Trump lands in the UK today and whatever the haters and our so called ‘leaders’ say and have said, we should welcome him and welcome him loudly. Theresa May’s warmth towards Trump could liquefy nitrogen so it’s up to the people to let him know. To let him know that despite the fakenews and biased reporting, despite the forces of the Bilderbergers, Clintons, Soros, the EU and UN, more people can see the lies under which they have been living and are determined to do something about it.

Whilst there is still time to enjoy beer and football we must continue to do so, but it’s time to stop being distracted, time to keep our eye firmly focused on the Brexit ball. We need some winning in the UK and it isn’t coming from the LibDem losers, lying Labour or the corrupt Conservatives. We need an awakening; we need to change our government. It’s time for some people power; it’s time for some Direct Democracy.

© James Dalton 2018 dvparty.uk

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