The Sunday Sermon with the Church of Going Postal

Sunday Sermon with Going PostalHallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah brothers, Hallelujah sisters, and the rest of you. Welcome to the Church of Going Postal.

Some of the new arrivals may seem to have rather odd ways and the vicar will have words if necessary. There is always the Methodists just up the road to cater for the non-conformists.

On the subject of refugees and immigrants, something that is on the minds of many, and I do understand that the building of the new housing estate ten times the size of the village may seem inappropriate, but there are many benefits to be realised, not least the size of the collection plate God willing. Having said that little else should change though I have had to appoint a new verger to keep an eye on things as the vicar unlike God is not all-seeing and all-knowing and does like to have a kip now and again. The parish by-laws haven’t changed, they are much the same as they have always been and I would remind you that the Church of Going Postal operates on this philosophy:

To have a liberal commenting policy that allows people to express themselves as fully as possible without damaging this site, or abusing other posters on it.

Some find even this light touch by-law hard to stomach but if you can quote Greek philosophers then you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting your points across without contravening said by-laws.

All rise

Let us pray

Our Father, Who art in heaven
Hallowed be Thy Name

Parish News

A warm welcome to the new verger (not child safe).

Blog Admin

Our sales & marketing people have engaged a new firm to supply advertisements, so far the vicar is as impressed as he was by the previous company engaged.


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For those of you that enjoy the site on a regular basis I feel we are worth a pint or two. The aforesaid advertising makes very little, especially when so many of you use ad-blockers. You can always whitelist us, something very simple to do with Ad Block. You can contribute a small portion of your hard earned if you wish here.

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