James Dalton, Going Postal

I travelled to Leeds with my son on Friday night to see Huddersfield Giants play the Rhinos at Headingley. It has to be said, hopes were not high of a good result for the Giants.

James Dalton, Going Postal
Not overly optimistic of a Giants win

Leeds. Huddersfield. Both places where Tommy Robinson had made YouTube videos outside courts where men, almost exclusively muslim, were in court on charges of despicably violent and sexual types against vulnerable young children.

Huddersfield, where last year these men were released on bail at their pre-trail hearing.  They were not remanded in custody after being charged with violent crimes against vulnerable children. The case didn’t get much attention from the media. Tommy Robinson attended to bring attention to the case. Some of the material Tommy Robinson’s broadcast from outside the court can be viewed on the video link at the bottom of this post.

Leeds – the location of the trials of the accused men some twelve months later, May 2018.

Leeds, where few reporters were attending the trail. Tommy Robinson was there to draw attention to the case. He was arrested on suspicion of breach of the peace, charged with another offence relating to a dubious Contempt of Court conviction which related to pubicising other child rape gang cases. He was subsequently, tried and jailed within hours. Reporting restrictions were placed on the proceedings to the shock of international reporters and  observers .

Attached to a footbridge over the M62 between Huddersfield and Brighouse was a banner which passing motorists could see. It read “…#FreeTommy…” and I reflected further on the events since the arrest of Tommy Robinson on the 25th of May.

Justice should be blind and we should all be equal under the Law. The facts of recent events, as they have come to light,  suggest that we have a biased ‘Weaponised Legal System’ rather than a system of justice in the UK. It appears  that the Law is being used by those who we pay to serve in government to silence certain patriotic voices who merely tell the truth.  We no longer live in a free and fair country. The evidence shows us, we must accept the fact: that our Government is an authoritarian one.

There are tens of thousands of children who have been violated and denied justice. There are more being violated today, and there will be more tomorrow. The direct experiences of fellow members of the Democrats & Veterans Party attest to this. Government reports confirm that the vast majority of these crimes are being committed by muslim men of Pakistani heritage and few of them are held to account. It should never be lost in the furore of the #FreeTommy movement what has occurred over the preceding decades: the unquantifiable human damage that has been facilitated by Labour and Conservative immigration policies and the utter failures of those who are employed in our state institutions. We need  the CPS, the Police and our Child Care Services to shape up and get a grip and focus on the disgraceful criminal plague that needs to be stopped, but there is no political will or patriotic leadership from a failed Lab/Con Establishment who continue their policy of uncontrolled mass immigration and use Laws that they have written for themselves to silence patriotic voices.

Representative Democracy is Dead.

James Dalton, Going Postal

A lot of people are talking about Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the press and about Tommy Robinson. On Saturday 9th of June an estimated 20,000 people attended a ‘#FreeTommy’ rally in Westminster including Geert Wilders, leader of the Party for Freedom. If you doubt whether Tommy Robinson has been unjustly treated, please consider the commentry provided in the videos below and consider:

James Dalton, Going Postal
Giants win away!

How easy is it to condemn the far right former EDL leader Tommy Robinson? How easy is it to label him a racist and an extremist? How easy is it to say ‘I don’t care’, when the target of state over-reach is a ‘Nazi’? How easy is it to consider his imprisoning of his own doing? A lot easier I suggest than remembering that this isn’t about Tommy Robinson, easier than focusing on and imagining the lived experiences of thousands of vulnerable young girls – and boys, (as young as 11) knowing that the Government, CPS, Police and Social Services have facilitated its magnitude.

Huddersfield Giants(25) edged the game, beating Leeds Rhinos(18) in a bruising encounter, much to the delight of the travelling Giants supporters.

References: More particulars of the court actions against Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson):


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