James Dalton, Going Postal

Representative Democracy is Dead – Rotten Boroughs

The filth that infects our political Establishment continues to erode the fabric of society in the UK. The political system ensures a continuance of the fall of the UK – economically, socially and culturally. I have even heard muted that Harriet Harman is being suggested for the position of Speaker in the House of Commons should the house cuckold Bercow be dethroned. Harman, with a career including attempts to normalise sex with children and the defence and promotion of the Paedophile Information Exchange along with Labour influencers Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt. Harman, sharing a Party with such reprobates as Vaz, Janner and Blair. Reprobates, deviants and degenerates sustained by a corrupted political elite and by the legacy of our two-Party system and its Rotten Boroughs. I say two-Party, but the reality is, it is but one Party. LabCon*.

An interesting week in politics? The disinterest of the people of Lewisham East was measured on Thursday 14th June where a meagre 33 percent of the electorate bothered to vote in the parliamentary by-election and, to the surprise of no one, the Labour candidate won the election. In her protracted acceptance speech she ticked all the identity politics buzz-phrases, a racist nihilistic amorality oozing from her empty rhetoric.  London has fallen – to apathy and to a cycle of continuing white flight and welfare entitlement culture. This encapsulates the design of the authoritarian social engineers coming to fruition with the long term goal already achieved – perpetual Party power, rotten indeed. What of the future under Labour and Conservative Rotten Borough politics? Visit the schools at going home time – see the future.

James Dalton, Going Postal
Rotten Boroughs. Not a new thing. Lewisham East is one

Such was the disinterest of the Labour and Conservative parties, they avoided (on principle) attending a hustings organised in Lewisham on Tuesday the 12th June 2018. It is now ‘in vogue’ to prevent political gatherings taking place. Labour’s stance on political debate was displayed not only by their refusal to attend a hustings, but by their complicity with ‘Momentum’, ‘Stand Up To Racism’, ‘Socialist Workers Party’, ‘ANTIFA’ and other Labour affiliated thugs and antidemocrats who had decided that people can no longer express their political opinions.  Labour’s non-attendance was not based on any ‘principle’, other than playing out a part in a coordinated anti-democratic and thuggish act.

James Dalton, Going Postal
Momentum – Labour’s hard left wing – mobilising

A full Facebook livestream from outside the event was recorded by Ryan McPherson of Pro Great Britain. His interview with me from the hustings at the Lewisham Salvation Army Hall can be viewed here

A livestream of the curtailed hustings (for it was ‘shut down’ by order of the police) can be viewed here

The experience of the brave Janice North of UKIP is recorded here

Labour’s new approach to politics can be seen in the accompanying pictures. Momentum calls the ‘troops’ to mobilise. The reason? Because Momentum says that a political hustings is at ‘real risk…  …of turning into a far right rally’. Do not overestimate the intelligence of those Hard Left numbskulls that operate and occupy the left wing social media bubble. Hope not Hate, Stand Up To Racism, Socialist Workers and ANTIFA are groomers of a different variety, abusers of the young – abusers of their minds and morals.

James Dalton, Going Postal
Labour Councillor and NEC member involved
James Dalton, Going Postal
Labour’s political campaigning

The mob won, the compliant police failed to uphold the law. People were denied their right to free assembly and Anne Marie Waters was ‘de-platformed’ successfully. What have we become? The Orwellian vision is manifest, today, but how few are really awoken to that reality?

James Dalton, Going Postal
The UK, 2018. Anne Marie Waters now needs a security team

Two days later, Thursday. Another day in Lewisham East. It was the by-election polling day. I spoke with Anne Marie Waters in the evening at the count about the current political climate, the ‘culture war’ and habitual, tribal voting – and of the #winning to come.  Anne Marie Waters left the Labour Party, but others still see the myth, the fantasy of the socialist paradise that’s just around the corner, rather than the reality of a failing political, economic and monetary structure that is denuding the nation’s future of real skills and education, and erasing its culture from within.

I had arrived in Lewisham on Thursday afternoon and spent a pleasant few hours and drinks in the company of John Wedger, a truly brave man. He recently gave evidence to the ITNJ Judicial Commission into Child Trafficking and Child Sexual Exploitation, footage of which can be found here  , essential viewing for those who wish to see political solutions to societal problems. One can never presume to find solutions if one is not prepared to face the true reality and nature of the problems, and confront them with clarity. The words of John Wedger should give better background for further articles to come. Further filth.

James Dalton, Going Postal
The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it

But as I said, Thursday the 14th of June was just another day: Rotten Boroughs, broken corrupted politics, Labour elected and never more distant from the working classes of Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England – my dear England.  Representative Democracy is dead and filth occupies power.

[*LabCon – sponsored by the EU and other globalist corporates.]

© James Dalton 2018 is a Founder member of the Democrats & Veterans Party

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