Colin Cross, Going Postal
Aux barricades!

Another go at a bit of fanciful poetry. It imagines a time in the summer of 2019 when the government, mired in scandal and indecision, is on the verge of collapse after giving in to pressure and deciding not to leave the EU. A few hardy souls decide it is now that they must take to the barricades. These intrepid brave warriors and freedom fighters make the ultimate sacrifice but they pave the way to a quietly effective Peoples Revolution.



In 2019, when treachery became clear,

We thought we would live forever

But we all should have know, that those at the top,

Were canny and cunning and clever

To let what they’d created sink without trace,

Would lose them their money, their kudos, their face

The EU Generals refused to stand with us,

I don’t know why we’d thought that they would

A goodly number, brave and fearless, men and women

Were cut down right where they stood

In the face of an onslaught both ruthless and brutal

 Many withdrew from the fray

Brave words in abundance were spoken by men;

“Every dog has its day”

But the revolution was over before it even started

Warriors bowed but unbroken, from the field departed

The alliance, triumphant, had quickly to learn,

How best to govern and rule

The path of least resistance for the now;

Terror, that reliable tool

In cities, towns and villages people bided their time

 With trepidation they waited

These were the people, who’d railed the most,

Against what was being created

They’d voted for freedom in magnificent numbers

They’d woken many folk from comfortable slumbers

But the answer that they’d come up with

 Wasn’t part of the grand scheme

Independence and freedom, just for now

Would have to remain their dream

In London they wrestled, the LibLab and Con,

With the order needing restored

They decided quickly, with unconscionable haste

Free thinking needs must be outlawed

Then out came the specials, Antifa trained for the task

Bullying beating and arresting, no questions to ask

Thousands were taken, in a matter of hours

Bundled behind barbed wire

Little did these EU stooges know

They’d stoked an unquenchable fire

In the barracks the squaddies questioned their sarges

Asking them “How could this be so”?

“We’ve killed our own, for whom, for what”?

Was all they wanted to know

The sergeants were angry at the officer class, who’d ordered the lads to shoot

Along with politicians, these were the enemy, they didn’t give a hoot

The sergeants got talking, one to the other

A bond holding them strong together

No rotten EU Super State Army

Would cause brother to fight against brother

A rally cry went around, growing through the night

For Britons to rally to the banner

The plan was to march through London, to the Commons

In orderly but belligerent manner

No bullets would be fired; there’d be no need to shed blood

So long as the craven cowards in the house truly understood

That free people were their masters

And now no longer their slaves

But cowards and traitors must always pay

For filling unnecessary graves

Trafalgar day dawned, fine British autumn,

With Parliament in emergency session

Their self serving deliberations were soon disturbed

By a million strong procession

Serving men and women marched as one, along with the recently freed

All cheered on by Britons, of nearly every colour and creed

They sent out their emissary,

All puffed up with glorification

But he soon learned the price of standing with traitors

He’d no longer represent his nation

The traitors were tried, found guilty and wanting

In every conceivable department

They were banished to their country abodes

With some to an city apartment

They’d never hold office, make any law or kow- tow to Brussels

A Peoples Assembly, women and men good and true could now flex its muscles

  A constitution of basic rights was writ

That was equitable just and fair

Believe in the nation; stand up for its values

Work hard you’ll get your share

A revolution that started with bloody resolve

Ended with neither whimper nor great shouting

The people had fought for democracy

That the government had tried flouting

A new era dawned on that day; men and women were sovereign and free

The EU, a fading memory collapsed, somewhere across the sea

A golden age was heralded

A time for all Brits to cherish

If we hadn’t won, stayed in the EU

My God it would have been hellish


© Coloniescross 2018

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