Why We Must Claim It Back From The Left & The Globalists

Æthelberht, Going Postal

The N word is a dirty word in our society today. It carries connotations of racism, prejudice, supremicism, violence and a multitude of other unpleasantness. It is to be attacked and ridiculed wherever it is encountered. It must be shut down and the message spread that it is totally unacceptable in society. It must be erased, stamped out, eradicated for the heinous, outdated and backward concept that it is.

Nationalism, we are told, caused two world wars. It is to blame for the industrial scale murder of the Jews, for devastating continent spanning destruction and years of misery, suffering and hardship.

Æthelberht, Going Postal
The British Nationalist In The Wibbly Wobbly World Of the Guardian Reader

It is therefore unquestionably a bad, evil thing which must be confronted and faced down every place it rears its ugly head.

Æthelberht, Going Postal
Irish Nationalism – Good

Suffice to say I think this is all bollocks. I think nationalism is a fundamentally natural and good thing and that its suppression has been the result of a concerted plan to strip us of our identity, our community, our nation and ultimately our very liberty.

It’s remarkable to note how Blair granted parliaments or assemblies to every one of the Union’s constituent nations except one. Nationalism was allowed to grow in every one of the Union’s constituent nations except one. Not British nationalism, not British identity. Scots, Welsh and Irish nationalism was allowed to grow and flourish, but not English or British nationalism. Raising the Cross of St George today will earn you disapproving looks and remarks. Must be one of those crude, Stella swilling football hooligan simpletons. In fact a football match featuring our national team is the only circumstance in which overt displays of English nationalism are permitted, all part of the bread and circuses.

Æthelberht, Going Postal
Scottish Nationalism – Good

Of course with hindsight now the plan was clear. Our nation was to be subsumed into the new European superstate. As one of Europe’s older nation states and with a long history of remaining unconquered and free from foreign rule, the British would be a challenge to assimilate. There was a solution though and it had already been tested and proven elsewhere in Europe. In fact the name given to the solution comes from the name of one place where it was very successfully applied not so long ago. The solution was the Balkanisation of the UK. Stoke old resentments and set the peoples of the UK against one another. It’s not a new idea. The Romans called it divide et impera.

Welsh Nationalism – Good

England has dominated you for centuries. They have stripped you of your wealth and resources and taken them for their own. Centuries of oppression and injustice at the hands of the English. If it wasn’t for them you would be so much wealthier, happier and have more freedom. The bastard English! We must fight them, throw off the shackles of their oppression and claim our destiny back from them!

Æthelberht, Going Postal
English Nationalism – A Disgusting Display Of Racism and Intolerance

Does any of this sound familiar? It should be. This has been the state of our Union since Blair got his hands on it.

Æthelberht, Going Postal

The agenda goes on today. The promotion of immigrants and immigrant culture. Your children and grandchildren aren’t taught their own history at school. They’re taught the history and achievements of others whilst being simultaneously spoon fed lies about the evil of the British Empire. Newsreaders, journalists, media personalities, actors and actresses, musicians, celebrities – the ones who are pushed and promoted are the ones with distinctly non-native names. They proudly signal their non-British heritage.

You! You over there! What’s that you’re waving? The Cross of St George? Remove that offensive symbol of oppression, you filthy racist!

As Margaret Thatcher once remarked, in her lifetime every threat to civilisation came from the European Continent and every solution to it came from the Anglosphere. This is why we were never compatible with the grand European Project. The “island monkeys” of Britain aren’t used to being told what to do. Over many centuries going back to the Anglo Saxons our culture has been one of bottom up government. It is in our very nature to question authority and rebel against it when sufficiently roused. It is one of the characteristics that distinguishes us from the rest. This is why we voted Leave and this is why the Eurocrats have miscalculated. They fundamentally misjudge and underestimate us. They simply don’t understand us, themselves being drawn from the Continental culture of institutionalism and top down government. They are wholly accustomed to and welcoming of authority. It is their history and their way. In fact recent events just might have been the spark which kindled a small flame reminding us who we are and what we once fought for. Time will tell if that flame gutters out or spreads to burn bright in the heart of every true Briton.

This is also why communism never gained a foothold in this country. It is in the very nature of the Englishman to expect to keep the fruits of his labour in order to provide for his family, to have the right to his own property, to live free from oppression and exploitation by his lords and protected by a common law applied equally to all. Where do you think the Americans get their Constitution from? Speaking of which, we have made do with an unwritten one for many generations now but given recent events it is perhaps time we followed the American example and put our own constitution to paper to end the creeping authoritarianism now live with.

Just as communism seeks to strip us of private property, its offshoot globalism seeks to strip us of national identity. They both have the same motive; total and utter authority over the individual and the physical, intellectual and spiritual domination of the same.

Æthelberht, Going Postal
This was always ours, but only if we have the will to claim it back

So why is nationalism a good thing? How can it be a force for good?

To do that I’ll need to explain what it means to me to be British:

It means I am part of a nation which has remained unconquered for 1,000 years. It means to be part of an island race living much of its history in glorious isolation, a beacon of peace, stability and libertarianism whilst our neighbours on the Continent were ridden by strife, conflict and oppression. From the Spanish Inquisition to the Jacobin Terror, from Napoleon to Hitler our islands remained apart from the tumult. From Magna Carta to the Reformation, from the Civil War and the Bill of Rights, from Catholic Emancipation to the abolition of slavery, we made these strides forward in creating a liberal society whilst Europe wallowed in oppression and totalitarianism. Protected by our greatest ally, the sea, we charted our own trajectory through history and went from a backward island on the edge of the Roman Empire to forging our own Empire, the largest the world has ever known. An Empire which spread western civilisation, Christianity, parliamentary democracy and common law throughout the world. A nation which seeded the Anglosphere. A nation which stood alone against tyranny in 1940 and 41 and was not cowed into submission but fought on until the final victory.

These are the achievements of my ancestors. Their blood runs through my veins. I walk on the same soil they did, I breathe the same air they did. I live under the same sky and call the same places home. I don’t feel hubris and I don’t feel I’m better than anyone else because I’m British. I can and do fully appreciate and respect the great accomplishments of other nations. The fact I am British means I must live up to the legacy of my ancestors. I have to protect their accomplishments, their deeds and their sacrifices otherwise I am not worthy of the blood in my veins and the soil under my feet.

This is why nationalism must emerge into the light again. It must be nurtured and allowed to flourish once more. We must make ourselves aware of our heritage, of the struggle and sacrifice of those that went before us and what they bequeathed unto us. We must understand its true value and stand to protect it against the forces which would take it from us. We must rebuild and renew the blood bonds of family, heritage and common sacrifice with the Anglosphere. We must stand together as one to ensure the dimming light of Western Civilisation is not snuffed out by Islam, by globalism or by socialism. We can do that with the French, Germans, Spanish, Dutch, Poles, Hungarians and anyone else who has heart enough to stand with us. We can stand together as friends and allies in the defence of what is right and just. We can only do this if we remember what it is we are standing for and what it is we protect.

We can only do that if we remember that we are British.

As a final note, I’d like to mention immigrants and British identity. If an immigrant comes here and calls this place home. If they adopt our values and live as one of us. If they stand with us, and if necessary, bleed with us, then they will have earned the right to call themselves British. The Ghurkas are testament to this. It works both ways though. Those of our kith and kin who actively seek to usurp the accomplishments of our ancestors, those who would destroy our heritage and impose a new order where they are elevated above the rest of us… They no longer can call themselves British.

Æthelberht, Going Postal
This belongs to us and nobody can take it away from us

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