Are We living in a Simulated Universe?

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Firstly to have any understanding of this theory, one must admit the possibility of our universe existing within a Multiverse.

“A multiverse (or meta-universe) is the hypothetical set of multiple possible universes (including our universe) that together comprise all of physical reality. The different universes within a multiverse are called parallel universes. The structure of the multiverse, the nature of each universe within it and the relationship between the various constituent universes, depend on the specific multiverse hypothesis considered.”

Stephen Hawkings final work that he finished two weeks before dying is here.

Stephen Hawking’s ‘breathtaking’ final multiverse theory completed two weeks before he died

If you discount the Multiverse theory in any shape or form then please, move along nothing to see here.

Ok down to business.

If we are prepared to entertain the notion that there exists a limitless number of universes that are unobservable from this one, should we rule out the possibility of fake universes existing as surely every possibility already exists?…………….No reason at all In fact we have EVERY reason to rule them in!

It’s argued that no civilization in any of the universes are likely to achieve this point of stupendous computational power. However the multiverse theory allows ALL possible variations on a theme so somewhere humanity (or other civilization) does survive to the point of being able to simulate fake universes in a computer.

Can  consciousness  be simulated by a computer? is another argument altogether, are we just a collection of our atoms? our do we have a ‘Soul’ (Argument for another day). but for now let’s assume it can for the purpose of this discussion.

So eventually it is Inevitable that some universes like ours would give rise to universe simulating super civilizations. These universes will then simulate another multiverse and spawn a Vast number of fakes, so that in the total mix of real and fake universes, fake ones will overwhelmingly predominate.

eg. it only takes 1 universe to simulate a fake universe.. thus creating another simulated civilization that in turn would then simulate their own fake universes …. and so on and so forth)

So if  many more fake universe than real ones exist.. statistically speaking it is highly probable that you, me and everything you see is a simulation running on some level of all the simulated universes.. unless we happen to be on the top tier.

That’s crazy Quantum I hear you cry a lovely story with unobservable evidence that’s convenient.

Ok if I was designing a simulated universe, and I set up all my calculations in advance for my universe.

Then a few moments in I realise I made a mistake with my calculations so I go into my program and change something to better my universe.

Inside the simulated universe the ‘inhabitants should’ .. see /notice these effects/changes.

Some observational evidence exist for a slight tweak in strength of the electromagnetic force about 6 million years ago. was someone turning the dial and fine tuning our cosmic simulation.. ? Without this tweak life would literally not exist.

Ed. Quantum has since found out that the above was debunked in 2014

Logically there is no end to the nested amount of universes providing a simulated universe has enough computational power and resources to build its own simulated simulation in fact we may live in a simulation being run by another simulation two steps removed from the real reality.

The ‘Real’ universe could be lost amid an infinite regress of nested fakes making it 99% probable that everything around you does not even exist.

A quote below from a science Wizard

“How Likely is it that the universe is fake? The key point here is fake universes are incomparably cheaper than real ones. to make a fake universe you just have to process information, and although that costs some energy (computers get hot), it is far less than the energy required to make 10 to the power of 50 tonnes of matter.

The simulation need not be precise in every detail so as long as we don’t notice the walls wobbling we would be unaware of the fakeness of our universe.

Given these facts it is clear that one super-civilization inhabiting a real universe could at relatively little cost simulate an almost limitless number of fake universes the ratio of fake to real is likely to be enormous..

If, then, given sentient beings cannot distinguish a simulation from reality, the vast majority of beings are likely to be simulated. It follows that you or i are almost certainly simulated beings.” – Quote from Nick Bostrom

So with the probability of Vastly more fake and simulated universes existing than real ones,  I ask you all again.

‘Are We Living In A Simulated Universe?’

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