The dad cast

Hello Postallers,

Having spent quite a bit of time abusing Bobs hospitality on here, I have decided to make a modest contribution to the world of alternative media by setting up a podcast of my own. Much of the content is inspired by some of the above the line stuff on GP, albeit without the depth of knowledge that many of your contributors demonstrate. If you have any ideas about what you would like to hear about then please tweet me @manVpod or get my email address from Bob (Bob – delete this if its too much work for you)

The podcast is very much a work in progress and the quality of the production and the content isn’t quite at where I would want it to be, but with practice and hard work hopefully things will improve. If you like what you hear, you can download all episodes at or from the iTunes store


Episode 6


Ed: I have created a new forum for GP Media Shows & Appearances I’ve added The dad cast episodes and a few from HogwartsBukkake’s SoundCloud. If anyone want to take the time to add any others help yourselves.