Colin Cross, Going Postal

There are many ways to make a good living
If you don’t really care what you do
You can use acid to hijack a moped
If that’s what does it for you
You could buy a pin reader
From a Romanian crook
Or become an MP,
What phenomenal luck
But the best game by far, if you’re worthy and greedy
Just set up a scam conning gullible and needy


The charity business is the place to be
If conscience isn’t of primary concern
You can set up a foundation in the name of your wife
Very soon you’ll have money to burn
Or move to the States
When you’re ambition fails
The money gets delivered
In buckets and pails
Faux outrage, virtue signalling all part of the task
In Liberal adoration you’ll continue to bask


The sectors available are many and varied
With something for every sordid perversion
Foreign aid is quite good if you’re sexually depraved
Hungry kids have little aversion
Live it up in your villa,
Drink eat and make merry
Because there is nothing like
Popping a young cherry
Then nip to the office, chest puffed out, feeling sated
To bully your staff and leave them broken, deflated


But if you’re truly a right nasty bastard
There is only one place you should settle
Make a career of the burgeoning hate game
That’s where you’ll prove your sociopaths mettle
Hope not, Resisting, Stop Funding,
Tell Mama’s a beauty too
There really is no limit
To the pain you can put people through
Tear lives to pieces on a whim or on the say of another
It doesn’t matter who you ruin, someone’s father sister or brother


Raising funds and support for your Hate group
Is a doddle, quite simple, no trouble
What you con from the public and celebs
The government will happily double
Don’t worry about your past either,
If you’re a hypocrite that’s fine
You may have once even been a witch
A wardrobe or a concubine
What matters isn’t who you are, but how you come across
You’ll never have to worry that you don’t really give a toss


So if you’re lazy a bigot or criminally inclined
Your career choice is very straight forward
Get a foot on a rung of the hate business ladder
With luck you’ll never look backward
The hours are good, the social scene too,
The pub is just on the corner
If anyone complains you’ve gone too far,
Look stern; send the mob, that’ll warn ‘er
The rewards are immense, you’re always in “vogue” the kudos is truly quite special
Bono or Tony or even the Queen could award you a bright shiny medal


A word of caution before you get started
A friendly “nod” to the wise, if you will
The best gigs in town are now all taken
By a group of people who might take it ill
Watch out for Nick and Roanna
Richard and Fiyaz too
Stepping on their already claimed patches
Might not be the best for you
Invent your own “phobia” or “ism”; create a new niche if you can
If you play your cards right and hate the right folk one day you could be the “man”


© Coloniescross 2018

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