Welcome to the GP Forums

Firstly, there is no intent to move commenting to the forum. Comments on the forum use a different comment system and you will need to register. Some authors already have logins and if you haven’t changed your passwords recently you should be able to login straight away. Registration will take time so bear with me as I get to grips with the process.

With a few tweaks the forum site should link seamlessly with this site. I say that because to make life easier the forum is set up on going-postal.org. This has many advantages. I have changed the ‘Forums’ item on the site menu here to point to the forums on going-postal.org. On the forum there is a menu item ‘Going Postal’ that links back here.

Initially you will have rights as ‘participants’, authors I am happy to give greater rights to on request. I’m not sure what you can all do at the moment but feel free to have a play but please tidy up after yourselves by deleting any miscellaneous topics, comments etc.

Why have a forum?

Apart from a number of you asking for it the more I thought about it the more utility I thought it might have. It all depends on how much you want to get involved.

GP Events – We have the Brewery Bash this summer, I will add that when I have a moment, you can also arrange your own meetups. if you can find like-minded people in the same area. I intend to return soon and will be doing a fair bit of travelling so look forward to meeting more of you.

Campaigning – I think those that went to Speakers’ Corner enjoyed the event and meeting fellow GPers, having a forum makes these events much easier to organise if you can find all the information in one place, you can also have private posts containing meeting locations etc so I don’t spend all day emailing those going.

Elections – All the information on the election, parties, latest polls in one place, assuming anyone is interested in doing the maintainance. No doubt this will depend on how interesting the election is.

Competitions – As previously but now all in one place. I will start another one soon.

That’s about all I can think of at the moment except to say thanks to Mr Zip in Kent for all his hard work. He’s done a great job of improving the bbPress forum functionality, look and feel and integrating it into our theme (anything goes wrong it’s his fault).

Swiss Bob