Italian Elections with Going Postal

The 2018 Italian general election is due to be held on 4 March 2018 after the Italian Parliament was dissolved by President Sergio Mattarella on 28 December 2017.[1]

Voters will elect the 630 members of the Chamber of Deputies and the 315 elective members of the Senate of the Republic for the 18th legislature of the Republic of Italy, since 1948.

The election will take place concurrently with the Lombard regional election and the Lazio regional election.


When do polls close? What time will we have a result?

Polls for the Italian election 2018 will be open from 7am until 11pm across the country (6am until 10pm GMT).

The first exit polls should be published immediately after and the votes are expected to be fully counted around 2pm on Monday local time (3pm GMT).

However, the first actual results could be released in the early hours of Monday, according to media reports.

And with an outright winner of the election a long-shot, the likely result is a coalition of left-leaning or right-leaning parties.


Update 10.00 pm – Exit poll h/t BBC Tumbleweed Watch


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