Detention of Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone

Dear Marcus

Thank you for responding to my twitter DM.

The facts as far as I am aware, are as follows:

Two people, Brittany Pettibone, a US citizen and her boyfriend, Martin Sellner, an Austrian national, were detained by UK Immigration officials on either Wednesday or Thursday at LHR when they tried to enter the UK on what seems to be entirely lawful grounds; they were intending to take part in a free speech event at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, Central London.

Contact from Ms Pettibone to the journalist Caolan Robertson, since relayed by him on social media, suggests that the pair have been detained in order, at least in part, to prevent them interviewing Tommy Robinson. the journalist and activist.

Given that the subject of our meeting last year was based on concerns over the erosion of freedom of speech in the UK, especially where it concerns Islam, Sharia Law, Islamic terrorism, immigration and the UK Government’s relationship to these issues, I hope you will appreciate my very grave concerns at this development.

More information here.  This story, while predictably low on the UK mainstream media’s radar, is now starting to gain traction in the US, to the detriment of the UK’s reputation for upholding civil liberties and freedom of speech

On whose authority have they been detained?

What was the reason for them being detained?

If their detention really was for cause (unlikely), then why were they not deported immediately, per the normal protocol?

When will they be released?

I expect and require any government, but especially a Conservative one, one I voted for, to uphold freedom of speech in the United Kingdom, not suppress it.

I look forward to your reply.

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