Count Dankula, Telford, Military Union and the Russians

James Dalton Going Postal

The case of Markus Meechan aka Count Dankula shows all too clearly that the freedoms bequeathed to us through generations have been undermined from within. From within a corrupted political establishment.  A man has been convicted of a crime in the UK who has not offended the Natural Law. Furthermore, he has been subjected to over a year of torment and cost at the whim of a corrupted arm of government.  He made a video which ‘offended’ some people…

Whilst his form of humour is not to everyone’s taste, I have a varied sense of humour and confess to having found Markus’s video offering thoroughly funny. I got the joke. I’m not psychologically conditioned – or paid – to see crime where none has occurred, evil where none exists, or idiocy where intelligence resides. For if those who condemn Markus Meechan had an ounce of said intelligence themselves, they might have done a little homework – and listened to him. He posts videos on YouTube.  A review of Markus’ video on STEM…  … or STEAM as Markus warns while the postmodernist Cultural Marxists that infect academia attempt to shoehorn ‘Art’ into ‘Science Technology Engineering and Maths’.. … would reveal an inquisitive mind, an understanding of logic, the human condition and the difference between right and wrong.

The case displays the ambivalence of the many to the persecution of the few. “…This is Slavery not to speak one’s Thought…” Euripides. Freedom of speech is a foundation of our civil society. Men of honour will defend it, irrespective of corrupt political incumbents.

In their persecution of Markus Meechan, the corrupt political elites and their corrupted courts have crossed the Rubicon. The political establishment has created the conditions for public discord and the potential for civil disorder. The delay in sentencing Markus Meechan following his conviction gives time for anger to foment, which will, in turn, increase the probability of social disorder occurring with demonstrations already scheduled to take place in the coming weeks – a perfect crucible. Throw in a few hate crime reports, Twitter outbursts, activist groups, Antifa thugs and far right xenophobia tropes and who knows? Perhaps someone will lose their cool?

It would be foolish however, not to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Why is all this happening? And why now? The Meechan case has been subject to delay – and continues to be. Why? And there is a bigger picture. A much bigger one.

For the injustice perpetrated upon Markus is a distraction, well timed. It is absorbing the focus, the energy and the anger of good, decent British people who love their country and respect their home and forefathers. Their eyes are being dragged away from the real ball. Angry eyes. Anger at injustice appeased and facilitated. Anger at betrayal. Anger at cowardice. A just, noble anger. But what and where is ‘the ball’? What is the bigger picture?

Is the ball Telford? Yet again, news of the industrial scale rape of predominantly white English girls by a cabal of predominantly Muslim men of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin. Multiple crimes perpetrated on many hundreds of girls over a period of decades. No, this is not ‘the ball’, but another sordid truth to distract the eye of the concerned and informed citizenry.

Russia? Is ‘the ball’ Russia?  For Russia must be the enemy, right? Russia certainly makes a good baddie.  What, with Russia determining the results of elections, colluding with Trump and Brexit politicians and backing the legitimate government of Syria: would we be foolish not to see Russia as the primary enemy to be feared? What with Russian nerve agents used against Russian agents… …the baddieness ratings of Russia and Russians is off the scale. We are certainly being primed to fear and hate the Russians, are we not?

But Russia isn’t the ball. Russia is the patsy Boogieman.

The game is afoot and the ball is of course the EU, or more to the point, the threat to the EU’s continuing rollout of their control mechanisms for authority of the economies and land of Europe.  The vote to leave the EU has brought to a head the implementation of the ultimate control mechanism – Military Union.

Military Union is a more appropriate term to use than ‘EU army’. Firstly because it more accurately conveys the real plans that are still being progressed to take all control of our Military, including procurement, under the control of foreign bureaucrats. The term ‘EU Army’ does not convey the magnitude of the treasonous reality being brought about by those in government who are meant to serve us, for when the people of the UK are taxed to fund armed forces whose primary concern is not their defence or protection, democracy will be truly dead and the enslavement of the British people will be complete.

It is a subject which is receiving little to no attention. No journalists are scrutinising this treason. No politicians are up in arms about it. Yet the grey men and women in Whitehall, Brussels and Strasbourg continue crafting their dossiers, agreements, directives and contracts – funded by the long suffering taxpayer – that will give the EU autocrats control over our armed services and our treasury.

Yes, the case of Markus Meechan should make you angry. So should the treatment of Martin Sellner, Brittney Pettibone and Lauren Southern. Yes, your blood should be boiling at the inactions and actions of the Police services and local authorities in Telford, Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford, Huddersfield, Bradford – the list goes on. It’s as though the government wishes there to be public discord, as though street violence is an aim – a means to an end.

While the misinformation and disinformation and confusion about leaving the EU is encouraged by the corrupted political class and their compliant, well remunerated media, the simple truth remains: The UK voted to Leave the EU, single market, customs union, ECJ, uncle Tom Cobley and all. The government’s job is to do that. In their actions and words the truth is revealed: that the people of the UK are an inconvenience to a political class hell bent on creating a European super-state and ensuring it by stripping the United Kingdom’s people of the ability to control their own defence. This is ‘the ball’ upon which the eyes of all patriots should be focused. The Brexit betrayal ball – Military Union.

In January 1941, Prime Minister Churchill, anxious to impress his powerful American visitor, delivered an eloquent, private lecture on British war goals during the first visit of Franklin Roosevelt’s representative Harry Hopkins: “We seek no treasure, we seek no territorial gains, we seek only the right of man to be free; we seek his rights to worship his God, to lead his life in his own way, secure from persecution. As the humble labourer returns from his work when the day is done, and sees the smoke curling upwards from his cottage home in the serene evening sky, we wish him to know that no rat-a-tat-tat — here he rapped on the table — of the secret police upon his door will disturb his leisure or interrupt his rest. We seek government with the consent of the people, man’s freedom to say what he will, and when he thinks himself injured, to find himself equal in the eyes of the law. But war aims other than that we have none.”

What can people do when those for whom they vote, the LibLabCon, are acting to remove their rights, their security and their wealth?

h/t Going Postal for the reminder of the Churchill quote.

© James Dalton, founder member Democrats and Veterans Party, 2018.