Conflating Different Immigration Scenarios For Political Purpose

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs, Going Postal

All politicians do this. All SJWs use this argument. Oh woe is me, those poor refugees coming to us by donkey, aardvark, camel and toe are helping us to become more multi-cultural, more accepting of other ways, humbler, more enlightened, more respecting of people and their knife-wielding and choppy-choppy street-dance routines. And these lovely refugees offer up their culture to invoke in the expression of food, and love, burkas and running into cars and claiming Personal Injury Compensation.

And what’s so wrong really with a touch of traditional, cultural FGM, especially when the savagery is ignored by a horde of ardent, political militant media savvy feminists? I mean, we’ve created a more tolerant Britain, surely, they said?

It’s UN ideological invasion by third world, unemployable, mis-matched cultures, funded by NGO’s, George Soros, UN and cheerleadered by the Common Purposed indoctrinated youngsters that have had the misfortune to be trussed up, packaged, and mince-meated through our so-called education system without a nary of conjecture and those that have an addiction to our Orwellian media, constantly on the pain of removed funding, pushing The Narrative.

Welcome to a coffee coloured skinned, monoculture of a little bit choppy-choppy, FGM, rapey society with a bit of illegal gun ownership, a crowded transport system, a £1,000/year telly tax with Narrative, and a curfew for the indigenous taxpayers outside of prayer time.

Some of Ms Geeks extended family originate from China, they came over here in the 70’s. Needless to say, by God, I have never had such great Peking Duck, Spicy Chicken Wings and Sweetcorn Soup in all my life and they are all fantastic cooks, some of them are professional chefs, and all without exception, wonderful, kind, generous folk.

But Geeks, that’s cheap quasi-racist, culinary talk! Yes, OK. But here, their parents don’t speak Ingrish particularly well, but worked hard when they got here, without access to benefits. Their offspring are fully integrated not only into our culture, but into our society – they all work for corporates, governments and the hospitality industry. It also helps that they are secular, and I apologise if this is a slight affront to some of our esteemed members on here, but like me, I am not overtly religious, agnostic at a push, but we both hold Christian societal values and morality as best we can.

Ms Geeks’ original family came here after fleeing from Cyprus after the Turkish invasion of the northern lands back in 1974. They lost their home, their bank account and freedom and managed to get over to the UK where they had enough connections and determination to start a restaurant and managed to rent some cheap accommodation in the South West. They had little or no income support during that time, and yet through hard work and perseverance, they built a successful business and raised a family, without declaring victim status and foraging on welfare.

And there was my mate from Sierra Leon, with whom I made acquaintance on my course at college. His family were connected with the African political scene, and sadly his father was executed in a failed coup to overthrow another one of those bastard corrupt dictators over there. We met on the first day of college and stuck together like glue. He’s a bloody lovely chap and was best man at my wedding.

After college and a hell of a lot of partying, drinking and womanising, he left the UK and setup a very successful engineering business in Hong Kong, and after a few years, wanted to expand into the UK. During the 5 years he was here, he encountered a stupid amount of red tape and council business rate expense and delay that he’d never experienced while he ran his business in the tax-trim, bureaucracy-lite, profitable Far East.

This was in the Blair/Brown Labour years. He was so stressed out and so busy that I used to joke I saw more of him when he was in HK than in London.

The final straw came when one of his young, foreign employees was coming in every weekend to photocopy his part-time college course notes, material and dissertations.

When my mate confronted him as he realised the noticeable increased costs of his office resupplies, the employee simply shrugged his shoulders and said “Well, whatever, you can afford it, can’t you?”

This being his own small business, his own fucking sweat, blood, tears and own fucking money, my mate went mental, and told the thief he was fired immediately, and to take his stuff and fuck off all the way back to his entitled, plundering cesspit of wicked immorality.

Instead, this thief went straight to a solicitor and managed to sue my naïve mate for wrongful dismissal and he had to pay him further for his thieving.

Within a month, after advice from his UK(!) solicitors and accountants, was to focus his business on the thriving economy of the Far East, he dissolved his UK business, made the rest of his employees redundant, left the country and set up several more engineering businesses in the Far East, and in the email I received last year, has retired just under the age of 50. Could have been just under the age of 45 had he not wasted his five years battling the entrenched, parasitical, unprofitable UK State we have here.

So there we have three examples of what I anecdotally call “Natural Immigration” through a variety of countries, classes and situations, and all are small cases compared to the total population of the UK at that time.

Compared to the unfettered, deliberately paid for, influx of third world, illiterate, raping teenage detritus that is flooding our shores, I think not. Too many people are conflating the above with the horrendous, recent flood of economic opportunist migrants that can not only afford mobile phones but pay the NGO’s to travel across to Europe. This must be stopped.

This invading horde are in no way the same as the examples I depicted above.

Unconstrained immigration from the Third World must be stopped now, and the illegals deported immediately. They add no benefit to neither our societal values nor our economy.

The poor and middle class are the only ones to suffer. The Elite will have gated communities and be mobile and won’t feel the effects of the outcomes from this invasion of our land.

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