Coding in Colour

The numbers exist.  No one can own a number.  However, some companies/corporations are trying to make it illegal to publish or distribute some numbers on the internet.  They are trying to claim that their encryption code keys are the subject of copyright or trademark. Legal cases have been brought.

The keys are used to unlock DVDs in order that they may be copied or to access game stations or the games.

It is errant nonsense that a number can be illegal.

The internet fought back and started coding in colour.

First choose your number :

Your computers run on the binary system; letters and other things are assigned an ASCII code which in turn has a binary representation.

\begin{array}{c c c}
letter & ASCII & binary\\
O & 079 & 01001111\\
l & 108 & 01101100\\
d & 100 & 01100100\\
T & 084 & 01010100\\
r & 114 & 01110010\\
o & 111 & 01101111\\
u & 117 & 01110101\\
t & 116 & 01110100




is our number and we forbid you from publishing or distributing this number.

We can convert this decimal number into a hexadecimal number :


and we forbid you from publishing or distributing it.

We can convert this hexadecimal number into colours by partitioning from the left in blocks of six digits:

\(1acd88 \; b323bc\; f9fb73\; c\)

with which we can create a flag :

OldTrout, Going Postal

and we forbid you from publishing or distributing it because we don’t like the colours very much.

There are \(2^{24} = 16,777,216\) colours to choose from on the web.

The colours also have rgb (red, green,blue) codes assigned to them.

We can choose much more pleasing colours and choose rgb \((25, 45, 250), (0, 130, 250)\) and \((250,20,25)\).

We convert these into a hexadecimal number :


We convert this into a decimal number :

\(464, 481, 562, 881, 179, 650, 000\)

OldTrout, Going Postal

OldTrout, Going Postal

OldTrout, Going Postal

With many thanks to Swiss Bob who retrieved the colours and made the flags.

© OldTrout \(2018\)