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Guardian Council, Going Postal

What I’ve always liked about civil aviation is its being so civil. Or at least it used to be until somethings abruptly changed, post 9/11. I remember a time when airfares where so frightfully expensive that only the very wealthy could afford to fly, or those who would claim their travel needs on expenses. This of course didn’t stop the true aficionados from flying. When my aunt got on her first trip to Lanzarote, it took her about nine hours via Lisbon on a clapped-out DC-3 that had somewhat miraculously found its way from USAF surplus in to the stocks of TUI travel, a Thomson holding. It was loud, it was uncomfortable and jaunty, and my aunty loved every minute. It was also quite glamorous because upon arrival, you could expect to be photographed by hordes of local paparazzi giving everyone who made it down the gangway the Lollobrigida treatment; the pictures later to be exhibited in the departure hall under the flight number of your arrival were of course for sale. It was great fun and somewhat part of the package that included two weeks with half pension and a sightseeing trip by omnibus to the island’s capital. We were easily pleased.

But with the advent of globalisation all this changed. With oil prices skyrocketing post 1973, when Mr Corbyn’s political allies at gunpoint held an OPEC-conference in Vienna hostage for a couple of days, air travel became so expensive that airlines had to squeeze in ever more passengers in to ever tighter seating arrangements. While in the late sixties and early seventies, Boeing and MDD in their designs made generous allowances for the paying public to mill about on board, to slowly and blissfully meander to the bar and take a few drinks in the forward lounges, or just introduce the kids to the crew on the flight deck (what larks, eh), all this changed with the oil price shock of the seventies. Suddenly, every inch mattered and had to be accounted for. To the point that you’d consider catheterisation before your trip because there was not much chance to get to the loo in case you needed to. Air travel ceased being a pleasurable experience and became akin to riding the tube or getting on an early morning omnibus, only slightly more expensive.

Before of course the Airport and Airplane movies showed up the industry for the piss take that it really is, there were the plane bombings and hijackings by Labour’s local affiliates in the Middle East. Anyone who flew between Aden and Marrakesh could at one point expect to be diverted by a bunch of weird people spouting the usual crap about oppression, imperialism, world revolution, proletarian masses and so on – much like today’s off-the shelve Corbynista. But unlike your typical momentum or “Antifa” activist, these people didn’t contend themselves with spouting abject nonsense and pushing people about. No, they wanted to see blood and body parts lying around on the tarmac. They blew planes up quite regularly when their demands weren’t met, the release of this or that “freedom fighter” (a.k.a. terrorist, just another sort of criminal really). And in fairness, Euro-commies in the former West knew this was quite wrong and criticised their mates’ excesses – but this was only a rejection of their methods, not their aims. Because the point of being an international socialist was – and still is – sharing the same set of political goals with people all over the world. And they sounded just as mealy mouthed then as they do now when they made their excuses because deep-down and in their heart of hearts, the Left always self-identified with those revolting “oppressed masses” and sympathised with the terrorists 100 % – then, just like they do now.

Peak lunacy was reached when some German terror gang hijacked an Air France jet to Entebbe. I’d leave the details of the excellently planned and rather successfully executed commando operation that ensued for someone else to expand upon. The detail I’d like to draw your attention to right now concerns the actions of the German “freedom fighters”; students from privileged backgrounds who were of course done so hard by because of “muh, capitalism” (they’d blame Tory austerity if they still were alive today). What Germany’s finest left-wing revolutionaries did upon their arrival in the Entebbe departure hall was a nice bit of racial segregation: Jews to the wall, everyone else remain seated. Except the German revolutionaries wouldn’t say Jews now, they would say Israelis. Which according to their theory didn’t make it antisemitism at all, but a whole new thing: struggle against imperialist expansion and the oppression on the West-Bank. Just standard, typical left-wing antizionist claptrap, blissfully unaware of Zionism and Judaism being two sides of the same token (the former with more political, the latter with slightly more religious connotations). This sort of lofty political ideals resulted in actions on the ground where Auschwitz survivors had to show their elbows with the tattooed “inventory number” (that’s what the Nazis called it) to some Germans yet again – only thirty years after being liberated from them for the time being. Only that this time, it wasn’t an evil Nazi – no, no, no, no, no! It was a politically astute German left-winger who was chasing the Jews – who he had “learned” to call Zionists – for all the “right” reasons. Tells you all you need to know about the fascists of the future calling themselves Anti-Fascists.

Now, international socialists of course don’t like to be reminded of this specific episode of their revolutionary struggles, so it would be a shame if somebody did just that and asked them about Entebbe. In case you did, you could expect the same mealy-mouthed apologies for the “excesses” of their political allies – for their methods, not their aims. To this day, some Lefties won’t even admit that Entebbe happened, and many will try to declare it a figment of media manipulation, much like the moon landings and space being flat and all that. If there are enough idiots out there, this will wash, and it isn’t beneath socialists left, right and centre to exploit this.

Fast forward. After decades of tightened airline security, a group of young Muslim men (Amber Rudd would probably call them “children”) board four aircraft in the USA – one to hit each of the Twin Towers, one to crash into the Pentagon, and one to attempt an emergency landing on a field in Virginia after passengers overwhelmed the goat fuckers on the flight deck. After the initial shock of disbelief wore off, all this was met by the West with the usual apologies, a soliloquy of mealy-mouthed excuses. Of course, this use of brute force was excessive, wasn’t it, but didn’t America have it coming? Wasn’t this a somewhat “just” retribution for US mingling in the Middle East? A reaction to human rights violations by the satanic “Zionazi” devils in “occupied Palestine”, perhaps? Labour’s main Muslim affiliate CAIR would probably agree with that analysis even though from the ground it rather looks like it’s Hamas doing the occupying in “Palestine”. All in all, the West’s response to 9/11 was the usual mixture of benevolent laisser-faire vis-à-vis the “noble savages”, enthusiastic self-flagellation for all the “right” reasons and a complete rewrite of Our “problematic” History. Much like during the airline terror crisis of the seventies. Only that this time, acts of terror weren’t perpetrated in the name of some lofty socialist bullocks, but for the sake of “the religion of peace”. And they thought we wouldn’t notice.

Consequently, they could be excused on grounds of religious tolerance, interestingly in most instances by avowed atheists. Muslim Terror 2.0 didn’t hide behind a political, but a religious ideology because it knew full well that it could count on the West’s tolerance towards everything and anything that claimed itself to be done in the name of “religion” – even if it’s nothing but murder and mayhem. This obvious truth didn’t stop the aforementioned atheists but rather spurned them on – what with all religion being crap, Islam was the exception to the rule, of course! No challenge at all for a lefty ideologue.

Today, there is no such thing as a Religion of Terror but the Religion of Peace because you could count on the spin masters of the Left mixing their regular concoction of one third intellectual laziness, one third moral cowardice and one third vile mendacity. An ideal mix if you want to make murder and mayhem appear like works of peace, love and unity, and play an important role in a mainstream media newsroom at the same time. Also, I wouldn’t object to abject nonsense being put across if it were harmless stuff like Yogi Bear and the tales of the Brothers Grimm. But it isn’t. This shit is putting peoples’ lives at risk and we must stop it. Even the Left in its saner moments new once that the sleep of reason gives birth to monsters. And this is what the Left has conveniently forgotten although there are too many monsters around already.

Guardian Council, Going Postal

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