Why Some In The UK Have No Idea

Why There’s A Boom In “Alt Right” Parties In Europe

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs, Going Postal

I was out quaffing a few quarts of Shire ale with a mate of mine, an old fellow Hobbit who, back in the days, was a comrade, rabid, anti-Sauron dissenter and we would often chew the Lembas Bread and thump the wooden table expelling our built-up rage against The All Seeing One-Eyed Sauron Idiot and his disastrous policies that were decimating our executive Hobbit pension plans, selling all our Shire gold, the abomination that was IR35 and the Hobbit wife-splitting S660 tax sheltering.

Once upon a time, our happy band of self-employed Hobbits puffed on the Halflings’ Leaf, sank the Barliman’s Best in the smoky Prancing Pony, thanked Old Toby and plotted the demise of the old Scottish Sauron with his searching, remaining one eye.

But it was not to be, after Sauron was defeated in Mount Doom, a bigger evil was born and the Witch-king of Angmar reneged on the abolition of IR35 and made it even nastier for the poor Hobbitses.

Back to the current day, as I said, I was with a fellow Hobbit, who pledged allegiance to overthrow Sauron and all that is unholy, and once again we puffed on the now new Halflings’ e-Leaf, sank the gluten free Lite Barliman’s Best in the smoking prohibited Prancing Non-Gender Specific Equus Ferus Caballus. Before I even asked him how things were in Hobbiton, he launched into a diatribe of “Those fucking little Elves that voted Brexit!” and “We’re not ever going to Isengard while that Trumpses bastard is there!”. I had to double check that this was the same fellow I used to hang out with in the Shires. Indeed, it was, but what had happened?

Apparently, I was conversing with Gollum who had lost his precious ring and had been consumed by Media hate for all these years.

“Brexites? What is a Brexites, precious? We like Coxes, Oxfams and virtue-signallings. But we hasn’t tried Brexites before. Is it soft? Is it juicy?”

I said, “Well, I think it’s pretty much a done deal considering that the majority voted for out. Anything else is pretty much, well, er, treason”

“And if it loses? What then? Well, if it loses, precious, then we eats it! If Brexites loses, we eats it whole.”

“Um, shall we choose from the menu? How about pizza?”, I replied.

“We wants it. We needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little Brexiters. Wicked. Tricksy. False.”

“A little bit of tortellini?”, I added, helpfully.

“Cameron betrayed us. Wicked. Tricksy. False. We ought to wring his filthy little neck. Kill him! Kill him! Kill them both. And then we take the precious and we be the master!”

“Hi, yes, er, I’d like the Fritto Misto followed by the Penne Pomodoro.”, I said to the waitress.

“What’s this? Crumbs on his jacketses! He took it! He took it! I seen him, he’s always stuffing his face when Soros’s not looking!”

“OK, er, yes, the bill please. I’m really sorry about this”.

And that was the turnaround in 5 years. That’s what converts someone from being a media agnostic, anti-bureaucracy, high end earner seeing the effects of a Labour government having an impact on his business, to someone that’s been propagandised by suckling on the teat of the MSM, from Brexit, to Trump, to the BBC, whom now is adamant that the telly tax is here to stay. He laughingly said, there’s only a tiny minority (i.e. me) who don’t pay.

You should have seen his face when I told him about their £2 billion pension deficit that the BBC are now desperately trying to salvage by taking a slice out of the telly tax and how there’s already 3.5 million people who have cancelled their TV Licenses in the last few years and that number is growing rapidly.

And what was so funny, he never asked me once how I voted in Brexit and what I thought of Trump. He assumed I was like him. I didn’t want to tell him directly because he’s actually a really nice guy, simply blinded by media propaganda like so many people we know. But I hope I subtly put enough facts in his way to help him on his path to #wokeness.

He also didn’t understand the growing popularity of so called “alt-right” parties in Europe. I gave him an example from an old part of my life:

Many years ago I was married to an Eastern European. I know, I know…cost me dearly in the divorce etc She lived in a small village and her parents had a farm, ee I ee I oh fuck, didn’t see that coming, as did most of the villagers. Once we went to one of their waterparks, their equivalent of Alton Towers or something, we got there, towels out, and having much fun in the water themed park.

Later that day, two coach loads of Roma gypsies turned up, disembarked and paid en masse to go into the park. Incredibly, everyone in the waterpark gathered up their towels and belongings, and systematically left the waterpark, alongside my ex-wife’s family.

I asked why they were doing that. They said, “because of the gypsies, they are dirty and they steal”.

The entire water park emptied in minutes. I still tell this story to people but they simply don’t believe me or squawk “RACIST!”. It was incredible to see.

The problem is, in the UK, this would be seen to be the biggest crime since Cameron gave birth to the possibility of an EU Referendum or for Diane Abbott to read out the lottery numbers.

But what people don’t realise, in most Eastern European countries there is a strong cultural identity nationally and within the local village communities. They are strongly sectarian, and they particularly hate overt authority e.g. Communism and certainly would never vote to allow their villages to be overcome by a non-indigenous populace. To see it happening in front of their faces when they never voted for it, is wonderful to behold. They are, to put it simply, fucking livid.

I have a photo of my ex-brother-in-law in Madame Tussauds, London staring at the waxwork statue of Vladimir Lenin, you should see the hate in his face. One day I’ll show it. Christ, there’s hate and there’s a real, I’ll slot you without blinking hate. That’s what fires up Eastern Europeans when it comes to the EU.

I’ll give you another two real examples of what happened while I was living in this village and in the latter example of what I recall from those villagers.

While I was there, the government’s policy at the time was to relocate Roma gypsies to various villages in the outskirts (obviously not in the tourist areas) and to give them all mobile phones and accommodation, courtesy of the taxpayers. The reason being, they would use the mobile phone to help gain employment. In reality, they sold them for cash. Unintended consequences etc

In the village I was at, once the gypsies moved in, the local crime rate escalated. The villagers were resentful having their peaceful village life interrupted and the local police were indifferent, being paid the same and always looking for the quiet life. Fining people was their preferred sport, because that meant cash in hand, no questions asked.

One day when I was there, some gypsies had pilfered an entire crop of vegetables from an elderly couple’s farm. The local plod didn’t care and the elderly couple, whose entire livelihood depended on those crops, went bankrupt. This is a country where if you get some benefits, you really do choose between heating and food, especially when the temperature can drop to -10°C in winter.

The second example was an anecdote told to me by an elderly villager. During Communism, several villagers applied for Party Membership and obtained certain perks, such as better housing, an allowance, better access to foods and spirits, to monitor and report dissent – all the things that were denied to the majority. These people were also feared, as to cross them meant being reported to the State Protection Department and imprisonment was probably better than loss of all assets.

When the Wall fell and Communism collapsed in Eastern Europe, several things happened in the village. Firstly, cheering, joy, celebration and plenty of drinking of the local moonshine. Secondly, those that were in the Communist party either fled the village or remained a recluse in their own homes.

And finally, and to all you SJWs, Momentum, Antifa twats etc, take heed, the large majority, er, mysteriously “disappeared”.

Be very careful when you pick sides, for when it goes against you, the consequences can result in you wearing a pine overcoat.

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