What makes a President?

Viciousbutfair, Going Postal
Donald and Ivanka Trump

I watched old Trumpypoo on Fox news the other night, no disrespect to the 45th President, I openly call him that on the numerous transatlantic calls we have.
“Are you well, Trumypoo?” I ask, “Bigly, Uncle Vicious, bigly”, he replies, we always have a laugh when we chat.

He was in the H&K factory in Pittsburgh, just the usual glad handing stuff, the factory is doing rather well in the new Trump climate and he was there to talk to the workforce and directors with some local worthies there too.
He fetches Ivanka up to talk briefly, which she does articulately, she looks fabulous too. Ivanka or Chelsey if you had to choose, umm that’s a toughie.

He talks about the tax cuts, people are already getting tax rebates from employers. One thousand, two thousand dollars and I’m thinking that’s significant money for working families. The average family will be four and a half thousand dollars a year to the good with the tax reforms, lots of applause.

He mentions the demise of Obamacare, again lots of applause, the $350 billion investment from Apple, he thought it was $350 million when he first heard about their expansion, couldn’t believe it was billion. He phoned Tim Cook and they chatted about it, Tim never called him Trumpypoo though or he would have mentioned it.
He seems genuinely pleased that his policies are working and he is not too bombastic about it, just happy.

Then onto Ford reopening a USA factory, other companies re-investing in the USA, Carrier, GM, IBM, these are the tip of the iceberg, many of them happy at the regulation changes, regulations that have been heaped onto American industry in the name of regulation making, see EU for details.
He stresses that workplace and safety considerations have not been ignored, just that the process has been simplified, all great stuff.

He says that even he and his team were taken aback at how quickly employers have adapted and issued tax refunds and how many are hiring again, he repeats that he never imagined it would have this momentum so quickly. He doesn’t say ‘it’s a movement’ as he did way back when he was second favourite but you can see that it is just that.

Like the campaign days that I remember, it’s all still very folksy, like a water cooler chat but it’s now very polished and confident, rather presidential but also low key. He name checks factory workers, a couple come up on stage.
Now I know this is managed but it comes over very naturally, it’s not forced and the audience absolutely love this President, he’s for them and not for the elite.
He doesn’t appear to need notes, if there’s a prompt it’s seriously hard to detect.

He disses Washington, spectacularly. If you knew how hard it is at times to get anything done in Washington but we’re doing it bit by bit, day by day, he tells them. I can see a flash of anger there for those that he regards as stooges, those who want to hold up his reforms.
He calls Hillary out for the ‘deplorables’ snipe. Do you think she wishes she could go back in time and take back that remark, he shakes his head, laughter and more applause.
She is no threat to him now and there is no ‘lock her up’ but you can see the contempt he holds her in.

No wall, no immigrants, this is not the audience for it, but he says this is for America, we are not going to be abused and taken advantage of anymore by other nations, that is in the past. It’s our turn now to make this country great again and we are doing it, bit by bit, day by day.

There is not much rhetoric by his standards, just facts and figures, he’s positive about the progress and the future. I’m thinking what I’ve thought for many years now. It requires someone with street fighting ability, someone who has had a kick in the nuts a few times, someone who didn’t always get his own way, to lead a political movement and to succeed. Someone who understands the value of talking to and understanding people and what they want and need.

The required qualification is probably not a PPE at Oxford or a career in charity foundations, it’s not being a smooth talking barrister or a political researcher. People with smooth, moist hands, people whose soft lives have never encountered a challenge do not respond to challenge very well. A leader needs to have been burnt a couple of times, have some setbacks in his or her life and to have some vision too.

Finally he hat tips the youngsters in the crowd, they are the future, he blows his own trumpet but blows theirs even more. God bless America and thank you, off with “Can’t always get what you want” to huge applause.

Again I see why they hate him so much, the Washington leeches, the elites and the msm frothing hyenas, he makes them all look bad, he makes them all look lazy, worst of all he makes them all look unpatriotic and unsuccessful.

For the 365th time in the past year I’m left envious, this guy makes me feel more patriotic about the USA than I do about my own country, my own country that only has hollow cadavers to represent me.

Second term them, your country needs it and stay safe Trumpypoo.


A day or so after writing this I thought it might be fun to check the msm for reports of the event I’ve described above. Fox in the States covered this and one or two other USA sites briefly alluded to it.
In the UK, nothing, no mention at all, given this is still the major Superpower in the West, one of our allies, more correctly, one of our citizens allies, not so much the establishment any longer, it would warrant a mention?

There are some terrific figures here, lowest Hispanic and Black unemployment in years, highest investment in USA industry in many years, their economy booming, huge tax reforms giving the population some extra cash, substantial cash actually. Lowest unemployment figures, high investment, good news, this is great surely, despite the DNC fighting real ‘progress’ every step of the way.
I thought the DNC was progressive?

A story for some sharp, eagle eyed British journalist to pick up on, Trump shows the way for growth in the West, this is great stuff but sadly nothing, strange?
Finally I find something, it’s a piece in the Metro online, spits on the ground, but finally a piece of positive Trump stuff, click on the article, check this out.

There is a picture of Trump and Ivanka, just after she gave a brief address, he is hugging her and giving a peck on the cheek.
I remember clearly that moment in the video I watched it, I saw it. She spoke for a couple of minutes and he thanked her, brief hug and peck on the cheek. I think he said, “Thank you sweetheart” and she went off to applause.

The sort of hug and kiss you give your Auntie at Christmas, nothing remarkable, at all.
Metro headline, believe this or not, was ‘Trump plants open mouth kiss on daughter Ivanka’
That is correct, that is what they said, they called it an ‘awkward smacker’ Their story was this picture was now on Twitter, just hours after Trump’s porn star ex Stormy Daniels claimed he had told her once she reminded him of Ivanka.

Wow, just wow, no mention of any of the basics of this event, no employment figures, no growth, no investment, no good news. This whole event was some Trump perversion, an excuse for some one on one with his daughter, tongues in public of course. Lucky she kept her coat on as he would probably banged her there and then in front of the watching millions.
I mean she looks like a porn star he might or might not had a fling with in 2006, never substantiated, but anyway he’s so creepy and pervy and shit he probably would have there and then committed incest.

How to turn gold into crap msm style, not subtle, not clever but this is where we are right now, this is where our media is right now. I knew this was the case from way back but when I see such perversion of the truth, such lies by omission, such an agenda blatantly at work I feel sick.
I feel sick like the first time I realised, many years ago, that something was wrong, something bad was happening, a feeling of nausea, of horror.
Like discovering there was a tumour the size of a grapefruit inside me. They are always the size of a grapefruit, by the way, I have an aunt who informs me of this regularly.

If you see a pile of Metro newspapers in a station forecourt, if at all possible relieve yourself discreetly over them, don’t worry, they will take it as a compliment.

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