The Queen – God Bless Her

Phil the test manager, Going Postal

You may have seen in the news recently (well every bleeding hour of every day on a 24/7 rolling news bollocks MSM station) that there is to be a royal wedding.  I wish the couple all the happiness possible.  I just wish the MSM would not have 24/7 wall to wall coverage.

The other day, I was not reading the comments, like we don’t, and I noticed many posts were actually against the Royal family, though in fairness, most were kind about our current Queen, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and indeed prince Philip.

In her capacity as queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II is styled “Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith“.  Monarchs take a Coranation to this effect.

The title “Defender of the Faith” reflects the Sovereign’s position as the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, who is thus formally superior to the Archbishop of Canterbury. The original Latin phrase Fidei Defensor is represented on all current British coins by the abbreviations, F D or FID DEF. This notation was first added to British coins in 1714, during the reign of King George I. The decision of the Royal Mint to omit this and certain other parts of the monarch’s style from the “Godless Florin” in 1849 caused such a scandal that the coin was replaced.

On the 1st April 2018 Her majesty will be 92 years old.  She succeeded to the throne on 6th February 1952.  So next February in 2018, she will have been our Queen for 66 years.  Many of us will never have known another monarch in our lifetime.  Her reign though will come to an end, maybe soon, or maybe she will live to be 110.  I can never see her abdicating, she has been totally focused on her duty to the nation and the commonwealth, that I strongly believe it will literally be “do or die”.

We have had our fair share of monarchs who let’s say, left a little bit to be desired.  Queen Victoria reigned from 1837 to 1901, and generally speaking did a good job.  It then went downhill, with Edward VII for 9 years.  Then came George V for nearly 26 years, who treated his children very badly.  We were then very unfortunate to get Edward VIII – a Nazi loving waste of space, but only for 326 days.  Up next came George VI, a reclusive figure who stammered in public and who actually hated appearing in public, he didn’t really want the job, but clearly had a good sense of what “duty” is all about.  It was only the fact that his wife, the Queen Mum, managed to hold him together that he managed to stay on the throne for 15 years, in general, a decent enough chap.  Finally, in 1952 we got lucky with Brenda, and discounting any view from an anti-royalist, a very much loved, respected and admired figure throughout  the world.

When Brenda goes, as must we all, there will many tears, certainly from me.  I have no doubt those anti-royalists, about 1 hour after her death is announced, will then be out in force demanding an end to the monarchy, probably demanding a referendum.  It is quite possible the Liebor Party may even put “an  end to the monarchy” in their next manifesto!

I do foresee a problem though, the heir apparent, Prince Charles; he has said, but since cancelled, his desire to change the Coronation Oath to “Defender of all faiths”, and then said possibly “Defender of faiths”.  From an article in the National Secular Society, link here:   it looks like he may keep the original, in which case fine.  I am bringing this to your attention dear readers, just in case he reverts,as I cannot see it being covered in depth by our MSM.

If the Coronation Oath is changed from “Defender of the faith”.  Then this will be the formal starting point of our great nation not being Christian, and therefore becoming the 53rd or 54th country in the world to become a predominately Muslim state.  I can forgive his eccentricities such as his beliefs in climate change, I suspect many will not be too bothered by this, but once people grasp the difference in the oath that all monarchs have taken before, compared to what Charles may do, then I think there will be little popular support for him, or a monarchy.  So quite possibly the demise of the monarchy and our once proud nation.

If Prince Charles declines, and Prince_William,_Duke_of_Cambridge takes it, (as long as he sticks to the original oath), then I do not think those who wish to end the monarchy will get much of a look-in.  People will know that whilst being of a more modern era, he will put duty before self, just as Brenda has done for many, many years.  So for me, I would prefer it if Charles declines and William took post.

I also think it has been a good thing the HM the Queen has reigned for a very long time, it brings stability, and the prime minister who visits her, generally weekly, will know she has been through 13 prime ministers, starting with Sir Winston Churchill through to Theresa May.  Awsome.  So handing over to Prince Charles, who is already 70, will not give us that long a reign.  When it happens, let’s have a much younger person to give us that stability.

So, is having a monarchy a good thing or a bad thing.  Like much in life, you have to weigh up the pro’s and con’s and make a decision, or simply go with the status-quo.  Personally, I think a monarchy is a good thing, they can, and do, bring the nation together, there are the epitome of the word “Duty”, especially Brenda.  They bring in much needed money from tourism and from selling Britain to other countries for their trade.  Their charitable work they carry out is phenomenal and must be applauded.  Some people will say they cost too much money, I do not agree, as a nation I believe we get more out of them than we give them.  They also have very little say in governing the country, though can exert influence.

I would also point out what the alternative would be.  Which is that the first Prime Minister of the UK to become so would also be de-facto, our first President of the United Kingdom (in this or other name), or there may be some form of election to this post.  If you leave it to the politicians, they will want a post called “The President”, and indeed we would get one, there is no way they could resist this.  So we will get a political figure as head of the nation, which is not something I want.  If this was say Nigel or JRM, then fine, but I think this unlikely!  Can you imagine a president Blair, Brown, Cameron, May or even Corbyn?  I hear a certain Mr  Mugabe is looking for a new presidency as well.

So I say to you all, the monarchy is a good thing.

God bless the Queen.

© Phil the test manager 2017