Jerusalem – Trump Exposes the Moral Void

And did those feet in ancient time walk upon England’s mountains green? I cannot be alone in thinking that they did not do so to deny justice or to deny their Christian heritage.  Nor did they walk in support of the tyranny of an Arabic and Islamic majority, or minority for that matter.

And was the holy Lamb of God on England’s pleasant pastures seen? That holy lamb appears to have been slaughtered in accordance with Islamic ritual on England’s once green and pleasant land with the Church of England and the UK Government looking on, impotent.  And now the slaughter is repeated, this time with the UK Government a willing cheerleader, in the elitist auditorium of the United Nations by the UK ambassador to the UN. Here he sided with the confederation of caliphates and Jew haters in condemning the United States of America and its President Donald J Trump for announcing that the USA will follow through with moving its Israeli embassy to the capital city of Israel – Jerusalem.

The US congress voted to recognise the Israeli’s choice of Jerusalem as their capital in 1995. The vote was 374 to 37 – overwhelming. In accordance with US law, that move should have taken place over 18 years ago. The UK’s mainstream media will of course ignore truth, reality, and the right of Israelis to continue existing in their own country and they will comment on the US Embassy move through their prism of Trump hatred and partially cloaked, barely concealed anti-Semitism.

So where is the moral backbone in the government of the United Kingdom? Am I alone in my bewilderment of the actions of this ‘Conservative’ government? And did the countenance divine shine forth upon our clouded hills, because from my viewpoint – my head being on those hills and in those clouds – the light from the divine countenance has not reached the heads, hearts or minds of those that profess to lead twenty first century England and its institutions of Christianity or government.  And was Jerusalem builded here among those dark satanic mills? Was it? Am I alone? I cannot be the only one watching the destruction of justice, community, values and peacefulness by a corrupted political class.

Bring me my bow of burning gold! The United States of America has a warrior in charge with a Presidential style unfamiliar to recent generations of Americans who have been brought up on a diet of a corrupt class of professional snake oil salesmen politicians. Bring me my arrows of desire! The new President is armed with a Twitter quiver and a mobile phone bow. This tweet, this information arrow, reminded the public of the declarations of politicians (Clinton, Bush and Obama) who failed to do what they announced. It confirmed the truth – the truth bastardised and corrupted by a deviant mainstream media – that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and that there is no such thing as ‘Palestine’ or even a recognisable people called ‘Palestinians’.

Bring me my spear! O clouds unfold! For justice and right must be defended and the actions of a spineless political class cannot be allowed to hide the sentiment of those who denounce the actions of the UK government in its shameful vote in the UN on 21st December 2017. To those liberty lovers in the USA and to all just men and women throughout the civilised world who recognise the right of the state of Israel to exist and flourish, bring me my chariot of fire and drag it round with the message – not in my name Theresa May! I do not stand with Hamas, Hezbollah, the PLO or any of those who side with chaos, with Islam, with incivility against democracy and the rule of law – I reject the moral relativist appeasing virtue signalling of the corrupted and corrupting UK establishment.

Am I alone? I will not cease in mental fight against this nihilist managed destruction of our heritage that I witness daily from the bought and paid for corrupt Establishment lackeys of the modern Labour and Conservative Parties. Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand!

To provide a little historical context, records indicating the city of Jerusalem, the modern Israeli capital, as having been the capital of the tribes of Israel can be dated to a time preceding the invention of the popular modern day so called religion, Islam. One such example is found in the Old Testament:

(But he shall have one tribe for my servant David’s sake, and for Jerusalem’s sake, the city which I have chosen out of all the tribes of Israel) I Kings 11:32.

Whilst the Old Testament’s sources are the subject of much academic research, scholars estimate the date of authorship of this one piece of historical evidence as circa 550BC which predates the birth of the paedophile prophet of those who submit to Islam, those who submit to an ideology that seeks to destroy Israel and kill the Jews, by over a millennium.

If the people of the UK decide that their capital is London, the opinions of those of other nationalities are of no relevance – it is for them to respect the will of Britons. When Brazil’s capital was moved to Brasilia, when Russia’s moved to Moscow – it was not for other nations to second guess or decide. Israel has a capital city. It is for Israel to determine its capital city and the people of the UK should respect that. The actions of the UK government in condemning the US government, in siding with those whose determination is to kill and exterminate Jews is reprehensible.

William Blake’s “Jerusalem” has resonated with generations of Englishmen, secular and Christian alike

I know that I am not alone. When the UK politicians refer to ‘occupied territories’, they speak of areas in Israel, a democratic country far, far away. A country with democratic institutions, a country under continual attack from surrounding populations of Arabs and Muslims with murderous intent. They do not speak of the Islamic enclaves of Dewsbury, Halifax, Burnley, and Huddersfield where those whose feet walked in ancient time did build, with their sweat, blood and labour, a Jerusalem in England’s green and pleasant land.

Theresa May is the epitome of the corruption in UK politics. The daughter of a minister in a corrupted church her gutlessness has been steeped in a life of contempt. Contempt for what makes and what will make the United Kingdom great for Britons – the unique spirit of the commoner. Theresa May – the crystallisation of a political class that has left a huge void in UK politics. Void in values, void in ethics, void in courage and void in representation or even the remnant of an obligation to represent.  The warrior spirit we witness in the new President of the United States is so desperately needed in the leader of a great nation such as the United Kingdom.

There is an opening in the UK political market and a mass of good people looking for a common sense, patriotic and honourable political vehicle to fill it. Who will provide them with what they crave – honest, prudent and common sense representation? Anybody?

© Ang Ryman 2017