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The Wisdom of Charlotte, Going Postal
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When I first joined the board, I was very taken with the bravery and courage of Stay Puft who appeared on LBC, speaking on the Katie Hopkins Sunday show and Iain ‘Old Mother’ Dale. Listening out for ‘James from Haringey’ was always something to look forward to and enjoy. Stay Puft’s tales of ringing LBC to be put on hold and get on air, or to never be called back seemed like a precarious lottery but worth it just to get your point across.

One day in April 2017, whilst tuned to the Nigel Farage show, I listened to comments about Trump and just felt compelled to ring in. I was terrified but rang and was surprised to be put on hold and told that I could speak to The Guvnor directly. I didn’t think it would be that easy and, having got on, I was a little star struck and sounded like an absolute gibbering idiot.

It then became rather addictive. I listened to topics, called and was generally put through the first 2 or 3 times. The Guvnor was great, I was starting to get the hang of putting my point across and it was nice to make him laugh at some of my comments.

After appearing on The Guvnor’s first Sunday show, I tried a few times to get back on but it appeared that, as with Stay Puft, no-one rang back or my appearances have got shorter and shorter. Very disappointing really considering the absolute mong fest that the Guvnor’s show has been turning into of late.

I moved on to the John Gaunt show a few months back and found the reception there to be much better. Gaunty is pretty fair and, to be honest, he doesn’t get that many callers. Some of my appearances have been OK, some not so OK but it is all a learning process.

The biggest coup to date was getting on the show with Jacob Rees-Mogg. I was the first caller on and all I can say is that, on hearing his voice, for the first time in 31 years, I heard bells and the earth most definitely moved. I didn’t do too badly and he was lovely, as I’d expected. I came off the telephone and I genuinely squealed with delight. I hope that, God willing, we will meet again and I will have the pleasure of hearing that wonderful, intelligent oratory again.

How do I feel about the whole media thing? In a way, it feels great to be able to give a voice to the issues that we on GP discuss regularly (minus the swear words). I am giving it a bit of a rest at the moment as I feel I have become jaded and, especially with LBC, that I have become persona non grata in that respect. I wouldn’t want people to be listening and saying ‘oh it’s that bloody woman again’.

After my first appearance on the Farage show, LBC did ring and ask if I would appear on the Alex Salmond show as I was a Trump supporter. I declined as I know with Salmond (also that bastard O’Brien) I would be taken apart. I don’t, as yet, have the ammunition or experience to face down these lefty Fifth Columnists. It will come but I want to be armed to the teeth when I do it.

I feel that it is important that our voices are heard, however unpalatable the truth, and that we grab every platform we can to do this. Every day it becomes more valuable as the Government and vested interests within the Establishment are trying to shut down free speech and alternative viewpoints on social media and the MSM.

The depth, breadth, knowledge and talent of those on Going Postal always astounds me. It is my sounding board and my benchmark in all things political, historical and the completely outrageous (sometimes just pure filth).

Thank you to everyone here whose articles, comments and videos have shaped my opinions and given me the courage to speak out. Thank you to Hogz for doing his technical wizardry and putting up my appearances and to Kent and SB for circulating it on Twitter.
The future is bright, the future is Puffin!

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