The Class Struggle is Key

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The study of class has never been a major figure of right wing politics. Academic studies are generated by the left and the discussion of class has always had the specter of Marx haunting it, touching it can make one labeled a “Marxist”, and nobody of sound mind wants that. Not many reject the idea of class structures, but so few contemporary thinkers are willing to discuss it from a non-traditional leftist viewpoint.

This is a shame. We can learn and teach so much about the current state of affairs when taking a class viewpoint. Especially when the debate has changed, the power positions moved, alongside the definitions with it demanding a new outlook.

The new Elite class has committed this metamorphic change. Elites are no longer old decaying men wearing stuffy suits, living in big farm houses owned by their ancestors and complaining about “queer secularists”. That group are all either dead or in exile for thought crime. The Elite class is now a trendy, jeans wearing, Glastonbury going bunch of perpetual teenaged rebels who live in London complaining about the good life of cheap coffee shops and easy sex.

Living with the benefits of neo-liberalism & mass immigration, without the need suffer the dire consequences of both. Able to sustain their repugnant, ingrate ideology by sheer force of liberal impulse. Promoting the cosmopolitan ideas of self-fulfillment, immediate gratification and a disregard of group identities in pursuit of the selfish self.

A group key to so many changes in our country whilst remaining formal to this slow revolution. From the Profumo affair, which publicly showed a member of an old elite do what became the new normal, striking a great blow to public morality. Right down to the mass immigration disaster; a promotion of the idea that a tribal group and patriotism of a country shouldn’t exist and the only thing that mattered was a hierarchy of the slave individual who has no duty to his fellow brethren.

Control of mass collectives within the state, economy, and culture are an absolute necessity for it all to continue. The education system promotes the ideas. The public sector was not always a hive for these views. Compare the documentaries of Night Mail. The first made in 1936 reflects a pride, as one should feel, to work on the night service of the Royal Mail. A similar feeling to when was in defending their country. Pay may be low but not one seems to care, they belong to that proud working class who have a job that gifts them self-respect.

The second was made in 1986 and it shows. The workers are unhappy and do complain. They make themselves into victims wallowing in their own misery. The best line is “someone has got to be a postman”. Not pride to be helping one’s country but a burden one must have to bear. A subverted workforce.

Culture, which is upstream from politics has promoted the ideas of the Elites. Affecting the other classes. The promotion of the values of indulgence as seen in popular films and Television for the past 40 years all day, every day, justify themselves for people who have qualms. An interesting story has stronger resonance than a written law. That is why the Profumo affair is so key to all of this; once the restrain is gone from the role model of society, the restraint is gone for the rest of us. Guilt, as rightly pointed out, is best shared and who better to share with than your peers?

Sam Francis, the American thinker, was key in promotion of this idea in relation to the USA. His works on the “Managerial State” are key on the understanding of politics in America discussing the New Left and Globalization policies intent on destroying traditional institutions. How Elites are formed and the ideology of humanism that goes with it. His posthumously published opus on the subject, Leviathan & its Enemies is a tome of a book that reads like a first draft, sluggish in parts, lacking a fine polish but it is worth at least one read. Even if only out of curiosity.

His writings are not just full throttled negativity of the collapsing world. His optimism is endearing. As far back as the 1980s, Francis was declaring that “Middle America Radicals” would vote in change against the Managerial Elites to combat this mess. At the time, it was Pat Buchanan. Now it is the Trump movement. Leaps and turns. It makes a man slightly more hopeful than he quite rightly should be to see these connections. Hopefully, we will be able to truly usher in a new era in the years ahead.

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