The Case for Identity

TL;DR: Liberal values are a revolt against nature and a self-indulgence we can little afford.

You will have to excuse my amateurish style, I am not used to expressing my thoughts in this manner. I have no doubt the intelligent GP community will unpick my logic, this is most welcome, I am here to learn first and foremost. Please also excuse the inevitable spelling and grammatical errors you would have come to expect from my posts. Don’t bother pointing them out, I find correct English to be a obstacle to getting my thoughts to paper.

The seed for this…..this, was planted following an exchange with a prominent and popular GP regular. The poster in question is undoubtedly more intelligent than I, and may be surprised to learn I hold them in high regard. That being said I believe that intelligent people can fall into the trap of unrealistically thinking they can improve on the natural order of things.

The premise from which I begin is that humans are tribal, and on a conscious as well subconscious level identify with their group and the interests of that group. I trust that does not meet with any objections, I also trust that it is apparent to everybody that recent arrivals (in relative terms) to these shores identify strongly with their ethno cultural group and its collective interests, even after two or three generations. As these communities grow in number there is even less incentive for them to integrate, and they will further advocate for their group interests.

Zombie_Ramboz, Going Postal

I don’t believe Islam is the only challenge facing us, although of course it is the most pressing. I also don’t believe that without the left agitating that these tensions would not exist, they are exploiting naturally existing divisions in a long term strategy of destabilising the West by offering these groups organisational and financial support. In a way I admire the left for being such amoral bastards in the pursuit of their goals.

Europeans in my opinion are unique in putting a loyalty to abstract liberal ideas above group interests, very admirable but very naive (a generalisation of course, and possibly a tough one to swallow). This has been compounded by the material success of our civilisation, making us soft, lazy, weak, individualist and self-indulgent. Think last days of Rome. Nevertheless there has been steady growth in European identitarianism in recent years which is being viewed as something radical and for many unwelcome.

The poster in question had been making a liberal argument against identity politics, my argument was that it is unimportant whether identity politics is moral or not, the fact is it is here, and we put ourselves and our descendant’s futures at risk but not adopting it, even if only as a defensive strategy. What is absolutely immoral is to engage in intellectual naval gazing as our civilisation is destroyed.

Then the below took place:

Zombie_Ramboz, Going Postal

I was slightly taken aback by the response given the exchange which preceded it. This is a good start, but leaves me curious (frustrated even) as to why so many are not willing to take this line of thinking to its logical conclusion. Why the stubborn commitment to a set of rules our enemies do not abide by that will almost guarantee our eventual destruction. To illustrate my thought process I created the below flow diagram covering the objections at each step on the logical path to identitarianism (not all of which are entirely serious).

Zombie_Ramboz, Going Postal

The stakes are high and time is short. Not only could our children and grandchildren grow up to be despised minorities in their ancestral homelands with nowhere else to go, but the countries of our forefathers will become unrecognisable (if you care about such things, it’s possible I am sentimental), our history rewritten and our culture and traditions erased. Perhaps that is the natural order of things, but I doubt any vanquished civilisation in history has given up without a fight and I don’t think we should be the exception. When you think of the future, don’t picture the fit, friendly, middle class Asian bird you flirt with at work (yes, anecdotal), picture East Ham.

Our young men, the natural defenders of a civilisation, are feminised, demoralised and self-obsessed, brainwashed into acting as atomised individuals, taught to be ashamed of what little of their history they are exposed to. Milo Yiannopoulos and his ilk are not an appropriate role model to adopt when looking to rectify this situation.

Milo – Dangerous Faggot

If we are going to survive there needs to be a revival of European identity, of group consciousness, of where we came from, who we are, and where we are going. A spiritual rebirth if you will. We need to remember the things we have forgotten, or perhaps more accurately were beaten out of us. Once we accept the logical course of action the rest is easy, we win or lose on the basis of our best efforts.

One way or another liberalism must go, either we discard it ourselves in a bid to survive, or our civilisation is doomed and liberalism goes with it.

A brief thought on what may lay further down the rabbit hole, if we succeed there would need to be a lessons learned exercise, and I expect the findings will show that a return to the decadent days of before would be undesirable as they would inevitably result in the same set of problems manifesting themselves again. There should be no going back.

Thanks for reading.

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