Postcard from the Algarve, No 2

1642again, Going Postal

When Swiss Bob told me that I had won a prize of a week in JustaBritAbroard’s rather nice apartment in the Algarve for a week by dint of my obscure scribblings, he neglected to inform me that it was a working holiday.

As you can see from the photo (your Lord Protector is top right and his eldest top left), the Protectoral family have been indentured for the week to demolish an old apartment block near the sea. Having been given pneumatic drills and 30 seconds ’instruction, we have to break up the concrete construction bit by bit from the top. We are extremely lucky not to be offered hard hats, safety lines or ear defenders, but must balance on the walls we are demolishing. I was however grateful to be given a high visibility jacket which I’m sure will come in handy when plummeting four stories to earth. At least they didn’t force me to wear my full dress armour in the 28 degree heat for the full 12 hour shift.

The Lady Protector and two younger children must catch the concrete lumps before they hit the ground or we get no food that night. I had to admonish the youngest for wishing a EU Health & Safety Inspection would turn up. I blame modern schools and social media…

Still, as English Puritans, we must show the natives our mettle and stiff upper lips and not complain at all. There’s nothing wrong with hard labour, as I hope many of our politicians and celebrities at home soon find out.

So many thanks for your absurd generosity Mr JustaBritAbroard. It’s just the best time of year to stay here as the weather is just very warm but not broiling, the beaches (from what I can see from four stories up) seem exceptionally nice, and all is tickety-boo.

© 1642again 2017

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