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The one, most holy of holy German political cows (no, not Merkel, but she’s very close!) is called “Consensus Democracy”. Germans have a near pathological desire that everything in politics and in their country should be ‘harmonical’, that everybody in politics should love each other – and that the political parties must work together, in coalitions, for the sake of the Vaterland. Look back 100 years when Kaiser Willy, at the start of WWI, said “from now on I know only Germans” – meaning that party politics were now unnecessary. And the big opposition party, the social democrats (SPD) was so happy by being recognised, finally, as ‘Germans” by His Imperial Majesty that they went and agreed to WWI.

We remember what happened next ..

Now we can observe the same attitude towards Merkel, expressed non-stop by the hacks in the German MSM who absolutely loved the idea of having the Greens back in government, this time with Merkel and a bit of yellow, the German Liberals.

They were so happy about this that they forgave Mr Schulz (yep, him of the EU Parliament) his refusal to have his party yet again become the government servant of Merkel. After all, his reasoning, that forming a coalition with Merkel would mean the AfD – third-largest Party in the new Bundestag with 94 seats – would be the official opposition, automatically chairing important select committees etc. Can’t have that!

Now however the generally red-green hacks demand that the SPD go join Merkel, or else. Schulz, in good old EU practice, wants a new GE: that’s horrible, ‘decadent’ even, as one hack wrote … funny that, since they still think (when they think and have time to) that we horrible Brits must of course vote in a second and even third Referendum: that’s not decadent at all …

Of course, the other solution would be a Merkel Minority government, but, in good old teutonic tradition: “we have never done that before”, so this is naturally of the devil and must not be tried.

The Greens meanwhile are on a lying tour through the MSM who lap it up: they were so so close, and the bad Yellows just wouldn’t budge … how sad …

While the German MSM are indulging in the usual ‘shoot the messenger’ exercise, i.e. kill the Yellows, the normal comment posters think there are two points which are overlooked. One is that none in the establishment is mentioning the AfD nor proposing that perhaps the German voters voted for a Black & Blue policy: Merkel’s parties and the AfD would have a workable majority … no, no, no! The Devil!

The other is that the establishment, even the more reddish-green hacks, don’t ask the one question: why Merkel? She did get the worst result for her Party since 1949. She did not lead the coalition negotiations, she just waited for the holy Consensus to arrive: ‘she who sits longest wins’, which works fine in the EU but apparently no longer in Germany.

There’s one quote I found which describes the situation in Germany very nicely: “Merkel doesn’t mind who is carrying the Sedan chair, as long as she gets to sit in it.”

As I said elsewhere: the Empress is naked …

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