Public Sector Pay Lies

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The panel at Public Sector Remuneration: An end to national pay bargaining?

I’d just like to nail the lie that public sector workers are limited to 1% payrises.

Here we have the NHS pay scales for April 2016 (I have no idea what ‘Agenda for Change’ is either).

Agenda forChange pay bands and spine points from 1 April 2016 (England)

Let’s take a couple of examples (say) Band Two, Spine point Two: £15251 and (say) Band 4, Spine Point Twelve: £19655.

Now let’s fast forward a year to the 2017 figures:

Agenda for change – pay rates

Band Two, Spine Point Two: £15404. And, fuck me, Last years £15251 x 1.01 = £15404.


Band 4 Spine Point Twelve: £19852. And, fuck me, Last years £19655 x 1.01 = £19852.

Wow, the poor darlings really are only getting a 1% pay-rise.

But what is this is see in that second link?

Staff will normally progress to the next pay point annually until they reach the top of the pay band.


Well let’s go back to the second chart and see what On Band Two, Point Two would be getting if they marched up to Point Three this year: £15671.

So last year they were getting £15251 and this year they’ll actually be getting £15671.

ie 15671/15251 =1.028 = 2.8% increase.

And somebody on Band 4, Spine Point 12 last year will have marched up to Spine point 13 and be on £20551 this year.

20551/19655 ie 1.046 = 4.6% pay rise.

Yet all we ever hear is how the poor nurses in ’Our’ NHS are ‘only’ getting a 1% pay rise.

It’s a fucking lie.

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