Prudence, Temperance, Fortitude, Justice. Or Seven Deadly Sins

Despite the efforts of some like Rhodes Boyson, during the ’60s and 70’s Conservatives failed to engage Socialism in the propaganda war. The dominant Left succeeded in their takeover of the institutions of State and Cultural Marxism / Postmodernist thought spread widely through state education to new generations.
What greater sin? A Cardinal Sin it would prove to be, if the Conservative Party continues on its blind trajectory toward political oblivion, betrayers of the people. Conservatism and virtuousness have deserted the Conservative Party for the most-part of the preceding fifty years, kept alight by a dwindling few.

Lust? Reports relating to Edward Heath’s object of lust have been the subject of investigations by the Police Service. Tales of friendship with Jimmy Savile, yacht trips to Haute de Garenne in Jersey and an attraction to young boys. As First Lord of the Treasury, Edward Heath presided over the implementation of the 1972 European Communities Act which took us into the EEC.

Sloth? No one is accountable. No one is sackable. Slothfulness has fruited as power has been ceded to foreign states. The people are no longer represented or considered.
Signs of the political times.
Avarice? Playing on injustice whether real or perceived, politicians of all colours, green the minds of neighbour against neighbour to divide them and rule them, to create an atmosphere of envy. Identity politics is the order of the day when law making and fiscal responsibility are of no concern to the mind of ‘representatives’ of the British people. Propaganda and emotional manipulation of voters is all, everything. And the greed? For power, wealth, office, title or fame? Cream may float to the top, but something else rises in the environment of a political cesspit. 
Gluttony? The trough of the bottomless Keynesian purse could never be reached as the charlatan classes plan their careers through Westminster and onto the gravy train to Brussels and Strasburg – money munchers, munching more moular, consuming ever more and glancing infrequently at failure and rejection in the rear view mirrors of their parasitical existences.
Pride? Why not own up and tell the truth? Why not be open and honest and admit the mistakes? Douglas Murray in his classic book “The Strange Death of Europe” explains why. Why the lie must continue and the truth must be hidden, why the political classes prefer to hold to a path of impoverishment: of wealth; of security; of lawfulness and of culture – especially of culture. The inevitable response should the trend not reverse…..
No  serious  political  observer  and student of history can consider a potential Corbyn administration with anything other than horror. The outcomes are plainly predictable. The Conservative Party has deserted Conservatism and left the playing field of dutifulness toward the nation. Within the ethically vasectomised Party there is a ray of hope. A potential knight of light. A virile surgeon of words and bastion of virtue. It comes in the shape of a gentleman, an honourable gentleman, by the name of Rees-Mogg. A commoner.
Jacob Rees Mogg MP
Looking a touch fatigued, possibly ailing, yet impeccably presented, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP spoke to a packed audience in the Great Hall at Manchester 
Town Hall on 2nd October 2017 at an event organised by the Bruges Group. He was received with a standing ovation, for this man is loved. He was received with vitriol and shouts of “Tories Out” and other one-liners by a group of Left wing disrupters, resulting in ugly scenes and spiteful words, reflecting their anger, frustration and hate. The courageous Rees-Mogg did not avoid the fray.
2nd Oct 2017. Bruges Group lineup
(L to R, Dr Gerard Lyons, Patrick Minford,
Shanker Singham, and Jacob Rees-Mogg MP.
On the table in front of JRM, a photograph of the
last conservative Prime Minister, Lady Thatcher)

Temperance? A call for civil, sober discourse and a welcome to all to engage. In the face of insult, ignorance and vitriol a calm Rees-Mogg approached the disruptors and spoke softly, with strength in his humility. One can see the truth in people’s eyes at such times and Rees-Mogg had no fear when confronted by the ill-targeted frustrations expressed by the event’s self-appointed fakenews non-story creators. For Rees-Mogg is an Englishman and he is up for the “Brexit” battle!Prudence? To build bridges and not burn them. To May and to Boris, to persuade through prudent application of praise?

Justice? Yes, to return sovereignty from whence it should never have been removed! Stolen rights of Britons have a steely champion in Rees-Mogg – as do all who reside in this realm. During his speech, Rees-Mogg emphasised both the rule of law and of natural justice in his comments regarding control of immigration and the lawful consideration of immigrants who have acted honestly in accordance with the law of the day.

Genuinely happy faces. Delight at listening
to JRM and his message of liberty and rule of law.
Fortitude. No question mark. Sir William Cash MP was in the audience. His thousand fold fortitudinous contribution as confessed by the humble Rees Mogg was applauded by an appreciative audience. Now the baton of patriotism has been handed over, held by many of all political colours and none, including a few within the corrupted ranks of the Conservative Party machine. I report this news: There is a genuine conservative in the Conservative Party and his name is Jacob Rees-Mogg, a commoner and a gentleman of virtue.
The Conservative Party has however, deserted conservatism and Rees-Mogg will not be offered to the members in a vote to lead the Conservative Party, and hence will not lead a ‘Conservative’ government and as our Prime Minister. And why? Because he would represent the will of the British people without wavering in his duty, in lieu of favouring such foreign princes, prelates, potentates or persons who might offer personal profit. 
The Great Hall, Manchester Town Hall. A magnificent monument to the history of Britons.
Venue for political discourse and positive prognoses for the UK independent and unshackled from the EU. Will voices of patriotic British constitutionalist conservatism rise?
Representative democracy is dead, owned by foreign interests, controlled by the deadly sins corrupted by the false hope, false charity, false faith of the mainstream media’s obfuscating hellish graces. Britain needs Jacob Rees-Mogg and many others of his virtuous ilk to wrest power from those who have wielded it so irresponsibly. Those with virtuousness and with virility are required to restore liberty, common law and civility – they are needed once again to represent and establish the inalienable rights of the individual in this realm.

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