If Jeremy Corbyn Got Into Power

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Due to our exceedingly deluded, incompetent and cowardly government, there is a serious chance of a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Party gaining power in the next general election. The one way to stop this would be for the Conservatives to dispose of Theresa May ASAP and install a true leave supporter such as Jacob Rees-Mogg. This is fantasy thinking because in reality they will ensure that any leave supporter running for leader will get smeared and destroyed by the pro EU media such as the BBC. This in turn will unfortunately crown a Europhile sycophant such as Philip Hammond as Prime Minister, thus betraying the EU referendum result more and more and sucking us into a larger and ever more totalitarian EU.

Then again many of us thought that Jeremy Corbyn had no chance of becoming Prime Minister and would lose the Labour Party many seats. This could have easily happened if our Prime Minister had any spine or intellect, as it happens our current one has neither of these attributes. After a disastrous manifesto of the Conservatives, which led to Labour gaining more seats than expected and almost forming a coalition had they got more seats, there is a real chance of Jeremy Corbyn gaining the keys to number 10.

Here is what I think would happen if God forbid, Jeremy Corbyn were to become Prime Minister.

In the first year, He would forcefully take many businesses into state ownership without compensation to any shareholders. He would also continue Theresa May’s desire to crack down on free speech by censoring the internet and shutting down any media critical of him. Foreign and domestic investment will start to dry up and money will be invested abroad instead of in the UK. He and McDonnell will push through new trade union laws giving them visually limitless powers and them being able to strike at the drop of a hat and running large parts of the country.

In his second year, using their magic money tree, they will throw more benefits at the public to keep them on side. To enable Corbyn to do this, he has to borrow even more money than we do at the moment, which will obviously be dressed up as “investment” with the help of the BBC, which will have its charter on impartiality removed to become a full on propaganda operation on behalf of the ruling party. The racist hippo of a Home Secretary Dianne Abbott will willingly introduce a two tier policing system with the help of the justice Secretary (who in turn will also introduce a two tier justice system) to push through laws discriminating against the majority white population and favouring their favourite minorities.

In the third year, due to two year long recession, which has led to no investment because of over restrictive business laws introduced, and increasing unemployment, McDonnell decides to start a “plan for the future”, which means borrowing even more money to the escalating debt mountain and “investing” it into many “infrastructure” schemes for he and Corbyn’s buddies in the public sector and unions. In reality the money will go to various parasitic bureaucrats and into more quangos which are of no use to the public. Very little in turn will actually be spent on real infrastructure.

In the fourth year, McDonnell’s “plan for the future” has not kickstarted the economy and unemployment is still rising. The students in schools and universities however are unaware of this due to a complete takeover of education by the Corbynistas and the public are being told by the BBC, now the sole provider of news, that the economy is the strongest in world, despite many realities of everyday life proving this not to be the case. This leads to Labour’s worst local election results for over 100 years. Many Labour MPs decide to dispose of Corbyn. He agrees to stand down and allows John McDonnell to take over as Prime Minister. McDonnell eliminates any dissenters in the Labour Party and installs Marxist loyalists. The Queen attempts to dissolve the government but is arrested by McDonnell along with the rest of the royal family. The United Kingdom becomes a republic and Corbyn is installed-without being elected- as President of the UK.

In the fifth year, McDonnell opens gulags and “re-education centres” to put anyone who disagrees with him into. This is actually the only part of the economy which is growing, while there are food shortages around the rest of the country. The general election is due to come up in the May of the year but McDonnell passes a law to abolish elections, thus turning him into the British Stalin. This then leads to mass unrest and the start of a civil war for the next few years.

If you have any further suggestions of what could happen under a Corbyn or McDonnell government, please feel free to comment.

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