Gmbd, Wakefield, in Yorkshire

Going Postal

I was dragged up in Wakefield.
I was fortunate to like hearing about stuff at school and so the eleven plus was a doddle and then they gave me a grammar school education for which I am eternally grateful.

Thank you. Thank you for that.

What was it like ?
Being brought up in Yorkshire means that everybody who isn’t is an inferior being to feel sorry for.
Even the most untrustworthy types have a special pass.

My dear departed mother made me attend every conceivable Christian activity and so to this day I can never tell a lie.

And why would I want to do so ?
Why would I need to lie to my inferiors ?

Wakefield was all about work.
It was just that, I had no inkling that the state could give you money.
There were miners, engineering workers, textile workers and construction.

The reality was right there.

Also everybody looked the same, there were absolutely no Africans, there were Jamaicans in Manchester where some clued up people used to go and score pills and hashish in the clubs but non actually in Wakefield.

The personalities in Wakefield were a bit rough, threats of violence and fisty cuffs were common, stabbing was a rarity but generally you had to have your wits about you if you ventured out.

I am not myself of a criminal nature but I seem to have met a few but this is part of the understanding,.
It is difficult to explain perhaps if I say that the camaraderie is more important than the governing.

It really was Us and Them. People from Yorkshire and people not from Yorkshire.
I had to leave myself quite young to see what else was going on in the world.
As my dad said
“There is nothing for you here”
I went back after a couple of years, sporting my long black hair and was checked out by a few of the youngsters being a little bit threatening I knew exactly where they were coming from.

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