Embrace the Puffin

Grimy Miner, Going Postal

We are all here by the grace of our avian host, the famous Wankpuffin, but how many of us have embraced the Puffin in our everyday lives? Not many, I’d hazard a guess.

I decided to trawl through the interweb thingy for ways in which we can all enrich (now there’s a word that is much overused) our lives by “going Puffin”

First, you have one of those mobile interruption devices, one of those things which stops you talking to Mr. or Mrs. Whoever? You probably use the browser which came with your trumpet, or you have installed Google Rust, or Firefox or something similar? Well, now you can use a browser which pays homage to our favourite sea bird.

Puffin Browser is available for those wankPuffiners who use either the friut based operating system or the Google version. It’s fast, free and uses the Cloud (whatever that is) to shift the workload, freeing up your device!!.


After all that surfing you may be a bit exhausted, why not settle down with a soothing drink, maybe a cool pint of Puffin Ale, brewed in the Orkneys and 4.5% ABV, a tasty Puffin biscuit from the local Asda supermarket and have a read of a Puffin Classic, sadly no puffin content (Puffin, you’re missing a trick here).

Once refreshed, if you are of a mechanical bent, you may want to fire up your Puffin Vertical Marine Steam Power Plant, from Stuart Models
or maybe take a stroll brandishing your Puffin walking stick?

There is, of course, a vast wardrobe of Puffin clothing, how about a Puffin T shirt for him, or her?

So, open your life to a little Puffin and feel the enrichment.

© Grimy Miner 2017