Postcard from Barcelona

Sido, Going Postal

My son works in Barcelona. Things are hotting up Catalonia, what with an “illegal referendum” being held on independence from Spain.

The problem faced by the Spanish authorities, is how to intimidate the Catalonians without causing a stink. You need to get heavy but not attract a lot of attention right?

To this end the Spanish government devised an ingenious plot to send a ferry brimming with loyal Spanish Police into Barcelona Harbour to act as a floating base.

The Ferry is called the “Loony Tunes” boat. And is currently hanging about outside the harbour, as the Catolonians refuse to berth it.

Spain is shipping in police to boost forces in Catalonia…on a Loony Tunes boat

Spain’s interior ministry has chartered three ferries to house police sent to back up forces in Catalonia where Madrid is pulling out the stops to halt an outlawed independence referendum, authorities said.

“Three ships arrived and will stay in the ports of Barcelona and Tarragona, where police and Guardia Civil forces will stay,” said a source at the central government’s representative office in Catalonia, who declined to be named.

Two of the ferries are moored in the port of Barcelona while another is in Tarragona, some 100 kilometres (60 miles) south of the Catalan capital. One of them is decorated with giant cartoon characters representing Wile E Coyote, Tweety-Pie and Daffy Duck.

A spokesman for the Barcelona port said they are due to stay until at least October 3rd, or two days after the planned referendum.

The three ships have a capacity for 6,600 passengers, giving an idea of the number of extra police sent to a region deeply divided over independence as authorities implement a series of measures to stop the vote from taking place.

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