Open letter to the BBC

Gmbd, Going Postal

First thing to get straight is that common sense is not to be confused with far right.
The second thing that needs to be cleared up is that it is not your job to push an agenda, your job is to inform and entertain the populace.
I recognize that the creative activities attract young people who may strive to understand and comment on the world around them, it is to be commended but in searching for an alternate voice some adopt peculiar views, again this is to be commended but it is not necessary to employ all of them.
There does exist a common understanding of pleasantness and humorous ad lib shared by the majority, which majority is well able to take on new ideas.
You must admit that the constant force feeding of sexual divergence is getting a bit stale ?

I understand that you have entered into some self perpetuating mode, a kind of feedback loop where your output gets dafter and dafter as all the divergent personalities you encourage by payment of extorted monies feed on themselves.

There are some quite recent examples.
Your treatment of Farage over the last few years has been appalling, similarly the things you let through about Trump and more recently equating the Afd with far right Nazis.
It really will not do.
The general populace is becoming increasingly fed up with the propaganda that colours everything that you do.

I am fortunate that for many years I have complied with the law that permits me to avoid your content but it is unavoidable not to be aware of your output from the wireless and your web articles.

Do you know how hard it is to destroy cathode ray tube televisions ?
Throwing a bottle of Rioja at the screen will not do it. Considerable force is required I can tell you.

Why do I write this if try to avoid your content ?

I believe it was the policy during the WWII when reporting on the war effort never to tell outright lies and this was appreciated by the endangered Europeans.
The BBC has a very large store of respect which you really should avoid squandering.

yours expectantly

© disgruntled of Gotham 2017

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