Birth, by Gmbd

Gmbd, Going Postal
Wankpuffin, the early years

If you are born a person suddenly you are THERE, you think “What the fuck is this?”
well that is what happenend to me.
Apparently as I popped out of my mother on the cold Yorkshire, kitchen floor my grandmother said, as I was looking about “he has been here before”

“What the fuck is this ?”
“What the fuck is this ?”

I used to ask myself all the time.
Is it like a joke, some sort of ploy ?
I asked my contemporaries when I was 5 or 6 “do you ever wonder what the it is ?”
but I never received a sensible reply.

What am I ?
Is there somebody who will tell me what I am or am I supposed to work it out for myself ?

I have been very fortunate, but you could be fortunate then.
I found somebody that was doing what I wanted to do and introduced myself.

I went through three guys that knew more than me and when I left them I had what they knew.

Anyway I wanted to discuss visual communication which is sort of what the story is about.
but I haven’t wasted your time because what I previously said is indeed relevant.

My last mentor was very fond of saying.
“one thing plus one thing is more than two things”
Which is indeed correct.
It is a communication.

[aside] If a store wants people to buy their stuff they need to look like a friend, to be “with” them Americans are the worst like that, it is like they are babies.
They want somebody to tell them what to think.

So how do you “come up with an idea ” ?
Well it is what I have always been saying.
You have to be free.
and look at things in a broad context then you might discover which two things to put together.

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