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Over the last year or so I have mentioned using Kodi, and frequently get asked about it.  Kodi allows you to view pretty much any television show or film.  Not all, but pretty much most.
Kodi is a piece of software that you can install on a PC or on a Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD.  These cost £79.99 from either Amazon or Argos.  Link here:  Firebox.  I am advised it is best to buy from Amazon, as you will then need to create an Amazon account for which you will need later.  If you already have one, great, just follow the instructions.
They run off WIFI, but better if you can connect it to an internet cable, especially if your WIFI is not that good.
When you get this, connect to your internet, it will prompt you on how to do this.  Then log on to Amazon, you do get a free period of Amazon channels, but unless you really want it, I wouldn’t bother now, you can always try it later.  Whilst you are here, it is easy to download all the ketchup channels and stuff.
Have a play with your new toy, get to know the Home and the Back button; you can get all the usual stuff like BBC iPlayer, ketchup for all the channels etc., there are some free games etc.  You must pay for certain channels such as Amazon Prime though, but you can do that later if you want.  It’s basically what you get with Freeview once you download all the apps for ketchup and live TV.  UK TV Again is a good one if you like Dave, and most of the free downloads turn your box into live UK TV anyway.
OK, now the technical stuff.  You need to be logged into Amazon.
Step #1. First off, you need to Select the nav tabs and scroll right to reach “Settings” then Select “Device” on your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.
Step #2. Next, Click on Developer Option.
Step #3. Turn “ON” the App from Unknown Source.
Step #4. Download and install Downloader App from the Amazon App Store.
Step #5. Enter the http://www.kodi.tv/download on the Downloader app.
Step #6. Select the Android App, the Fire TV is running Android operating system, so you must download Kodi Android app.  (If you want it on a computer select the Windows/Mac. Linux etc option).
Step #7. Select “ARMV7A 32Bit” for the Amazon Fire TV, you can find another one as per your requirement.
Step #8. Now, click on Install.
Wait for installation. Once the install is complete, it should show up in the recent section on the home page. Now you can also customize the Kodi on your Amazon Fire TV/TV Stick. You can add some of your favorite add-ons to change the Kodi to browse media file appropriately.
Kodi recently announced the Kodi v18 for the 64-bit Windows PC and support for the Xbox, but I would wait until we have some reviews.
If Kodi does not show up in the App section then you can install it by heading into Setting → Applications → Manage Install Applications → Kodi → Launch Application.
This is it…! You have now successfully installed Kodi on Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.
At this point, let me mention that there is no content at all in Kodi; therefore, it is perfectly legal.  Kodi does allow you to install 3rd party software that can provide content, and of course watching or listening of illegal or pirated content which would otherwise need to be paid for is not endorsed by myself or indeed anyone connected with Going Postal or the Wiltshire Law Enforcement Community.
Once Kodi is installed, you now need to download 3rd party software.  There is a useful You-Tube video here, if you have 10 minutes:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lG-Avtninbk
The download I mainly use is called “Exodus”. (But see new version details later).
You need to follow the instructions to get this here: https://seo-michael.co.uk/how-to-install-exodus-on-kodi-krypton/
It is not too difficult, but again I recommend your Firebox is connected via cable.
There are many applications (as add-ons) you can add to Kodi.  What they are though is a list of multiple web sites (Providers) that host the various film and television programmes.
Let’s look at some of the options with Exodus:
First you select Kodi on your Firebox (now re-named Kodi box)
Select on the left “Add-ons”
Select the add-on you want, in this case Exodus:
The top 2 options are mainly used, Films and TV Shows.  Let’s us take an example of how to watch a film.  Decide what film you want to watch!  Select “Films”
The double dots ( .. ) at the top allow you to go back one step.  You can select for example By Genre, and then select a type of film, or scroll down on this screen to find Search, if you want to enter the name or part name of a film.  The search is OK if you know the full name of the film, not so good with just a few words.
Clicking “Genre” select which you would like.  For this example, I will use Science Fiction:
By default, you will see recent films, you can scroll down.
Select the film you would like to watch.  I am choosing Rogue One.
Give it a few seconds.  A box will appear:
This may take a minute or more. Kodi is searching for all providers hosting this film.  An example below:
We are not actually bothered which site we select, but I always go for one with HD next to it, if there is one.  You can see the film runs for 2 hours 13 minutes, but you can pause to enable refreshments to be obtained, or to do other legal activities.
I should say at this point, whilst a provider is listed, they may not actually have it currently available, or may have had to take it down, if this happens, select the “Back button” and select another provider.
I should also say, that by searching “People Watching” or “Box Office” you may come across films that are not officially available.  For example, Dunkirk is listed.  It would be illegal to watch this, but as you are all GP posters and we are being watched by the good people of the Wiltshire Law Enforcement Community, I am sure you would not do this.
To be honest, if you were to accidentally click a recently released film, not that I ever have, for the first couple of weeks it is a version shown in an Indian cinema, as videoed by a person sitting front and centre, the quality is usually awful, so best to wait a few weeks until listed as a HD one, or in the case of a good film, it is always best to go to the cinema and watch on the big screen.
Anyway, click on the provider, give it a few seconds, and enjoy.
Whilst viewing, you can right-click at any time (or click the back button), put the cursor down the bottom, you will see the usual pause and stop buttons.  You can drag the scroll bar forward and back, particularly useful if watching “specialist films”
Tip:  If you have finished with the film or TV show, always use the Stop button, then use right-click to go back (or the remote back button), otherwise the show may keep running, even if trying to watch another show.  Turn it off, then on again cures this,
Quick example of a TV show.  Let’s say we wanted to watch The Big Bang Theory (most excellent comedy), select TV shows when you go into Exodus.  Select search, type in say “big bang theory”, you will get something like this:
In this case, top option, note also Young Sheldon is also available (I shall watch this laterz!).  Select the top option, and as there are multiple episodes in multiple seasons you get this:
Select the season to watch, then the episode:
If you have previously watched a programme you will see a tick next to it.  Also, if you ever go back to watch a film or TV show, Kodi will prompt you if you want to watch it from where you left off, or from the beginning.
As I am writing this, I find out that they are not upgrading Exodus anymore, a new one is out called Covenant.  Literally in the last couple of weeks this has happened.  I will not have time to install this until early September when back in Blighty, so will report back then.  In the meantime, if you want to try Covenant then load Exodus first, then the instructions to load Covenant are here:  http://bestforkodi.com/guide-install-covenant-kodi-addon-repo-exodus-replacement/
I would suggest, for the time being at least to use Exodus, then when we have some people using Covenant they could be nice and report back if it is any good or not.  Initial reports are that it is great, but has a few technical issues, which will no doubt be sorted
You can Google add-ons for Kodi easy enough.  I dare say some Postalliers are avidly using Kodi already, so they will be nice and post their favourite add-ons or technical tips.  You can get add-ons to watch live TV, and “specialist sites”, and things such as Indian films or sports channels etc.
For £79-99 all in, not a bad deal at all, you can even get rid of TV packages such as Sky or Virgin, you just need internet.
Not everything is available all of the time, so if you want to get a Kodi box sorted, and you want to see specific films or TV shows, ask us if it is available, and I am sure we can check for you.  For example, I cannot find
Please note, even though illegal, you can still buy a fire box pre-loaded with Kodi and 3rd party software to enable viewing content.  The guru’s I have in the office are not recommending these, as they are getting reports that in addition to being illegal, they do not always work and you may have difficulty getting your money back.  So best to do it the hard way I’m afraid.

Lastly, I am not a technical expert by any stretch of the imagination.  I am a test manager, so I take the requirement (in this case “I want to watch a film or TV show”, and I test manage that the requirement is met by watching a film or TV show.  So basically, if the techie stuff goes wrong, I am a Dindu.  No good asking me!  I am sure there are some excellent techie type people on here who will be glad to help.

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