I ain’t paying for a film either, part one

As a miserable sod who hates parting with money and with plenty of time on my hands I thought I’d go through the Net and look for short alt films, funded on a shoe string, mainly from Patreon and other crowd source sites. Here are the first four:

Prego – Dec 1, 2015

An award winning Comedy about the repercussions of a one night stand. It is actually very funny.

Unwind – April 22, 2012

It really makes you think. Following mass violence between the Religious Right and the SJWs over abortion a compromise was found. You have the child, and, if you regret the decision between their 13th and 18th Birthday, they are “aborted” via organ donation.

2AM: The Smiling Man – Jul 23 2013

A short film based on an Urban Myth started on Reddit, whether it is true is beyond me, but there are enough Nutters out there.

Do you believe in the Devil –May 22, 2014

A very different take on the Faustian pact. What if Mephistopheles never wanted the job and was looking for a way for you to get him out of his Contract.

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