How I found Jesus – and some other GP posters

ViciousButFair, Going Postal

Let me say something about GP, about this site, GP is our village, our community, I now really hate that particular C word since the msm cunts have stolen it so perhaps our neighbourhood or our fraternity is better. Perhaps the puffin really is our fraternity pin?

After I retired I rediscovered freedom, life and dating sites again, I even considered buying a moped to get around the country for the ladies, petrol  for a 2.8 litre car was starting to get very expensive for a man of pensionable age.
I have a startling vision of the first date in my moped scenario, we meet at the Slaughtered Lamb for lunch, I am wearing a leather flying hat, goggles, a long water proof coat and bicycle clips, picking dead flies out of my teeth I say, “Hello, you must be Deirdre, are you sure you are really only 53?”

In my new found liberty I also discovered Disqus and then eventually Fattie’s site. To give him his due in the early years it was funny, it was rude, it was anarchic and it was honest.
I looked more than I posted but it was always worth a visit.
About 2 years ago it started to feel more regimented, more sterile and I bothered less. After a bit of a hiatus I came back to find it almost deserted, where had all the banter gone, where were all these funny fuckers?

Hogz, Med, BA, CC, Jesus, GQ, the Cat and so many, many more, I missed them so I started looking and I found something called Going Postal and I suddenly had my Disqus mojo back.
This was it, piss taking but clever, thought provoking but with knitted penises and tit pics, classless too, all sorts of folk from all walks, company directors, a few movers and a couple of shakers, IT godz, truckers, gamblers, hustlers and even a triangle player (there’s always one of those fuckers).

This wasn’t just a bloke’s pub though and that is what it felt like, the old British pub that the thieves stole from us, a place where you could talk bollocks but once in a while you almost stumbled on the meaning of life.
There were nice witty ladies too, lots of them, you know who you are and kudos to you for putting up with some of the male, sexist, foul mouthed, belligerent quips and wisecracks.
We guys would all love you long time if only we had the chance, see I did mention sexist.

What we have here is maybe an echo chamber at times but it affirms as a group what so many individuals believe. It’s most redeeming feature is that it reminds us we are not alone, on those days when you actually despair of the media, the insipid leaders we somehow elect, the stupidity of some of our Common Purpose enforcers, the banality of evil that surrounds us on so many days, the people on here somehow manage to put it in focus.
We realize that we are not the crazies, not the bad guys and that we are not alone, there are millions of us out there who need a voice and I thank GP for being my comfort blanket, my good neighbours.

I think we are reasonably democratic and tolerant, we don’t stand for Nazis on here, we have a few lefty posters, some tin foil flat earthers and a couple of serious eccentrics but it mostly rubs along.
As an aside I hope Mr Flute comes back, he has always been very kind to my posts with upticks and comments and I don’t think a divergence on conspiracy theories should force someone to leave the site.
We may not always agree but sometimes a little bit of keyboard rage on a bad day does more harm than good, I don’t believe we are that kind of blog here, we will now sing ‘Ebony and Ivory’, from the top 1, 2, 3. .  .

Thank you for the craic and the good ideas and the utter bollocks at times, the vids and memes and the sense that we are mostly of like mind,  especially thanks SB, I know you will not retire on the proceeds of this site.
With no axe to grind, those who visit on a regular basis can donate, I know many do, see ‘home page-sitemap-support and subscriptions’. It’s worth sending a few pennies to support our cause and someone who has not sold out to the corporate leeches, someone who has still some integrity, yes looking at you Fatty Staines.

Whilst we love our village, our society here, I have just to say a final word to all the plod monitors, wherever you may be, whilst we pay your wages and whilst you search for infractions on here and for signs of ‘hate crime’.
Be very clear, we don’t want to burn down mosques or kill Muslims, we just want to be treated exactly as they are treated, we require that the rule of law should apply to all.

You need to understand that hate means hate and that crime means crime, whether it is from a Christian or a Jew or a Hindu or a Buddhist or a Muslim, you have an agenda now that appears to suppress  and persecute only the indigenous Christian population and we are way past tired of that. You can not and must not  be selective in the way the law is applied.
Check Newcastle, Rochdale, Rotherham, the Muslim rapes, attacks and atrocities, monitor and study how this country sees how you have performed on those issues. Do you think you have come out of any of those horrors with any credit, seriously?

It saddens me greatly to say this, once upon a time my generation respected your uniform, you were the local bobby, policing that was firm but fair and you commanded the high street, you represented the law.
Now one ever sees you unless you are zipping by in a nee na car, it seems to most of us that you have no resonance with the public and you have no connection with us or respect for us.
Many stations are closed, some are open only for a few hours a day and our great, recent and current Home Secretaries have just enabled this ghastly failure to escalate.
Whilst I sympathise with your manpower situation you do not help yourself with your hate crime monitoring at the expense of proper law enforcement. I fear that you are just another piece of British tradition that is lost forever, I mourn your passing but I am aware that we, the British public, stand alone.
We no longer expect you to uphold the law or protect us, you don’t appear even to have a concept of what the law is for any longer. You exist only to maintain your boss’s dark and hidden agenda, and it is exactly that, it is not for our benefit or, ultimately, yours, your families or your children. You will discover that and probably quite soon.
We now walk alone but we are wide awake and there are many millions of us. One day, in the near future, you will have to choose what you signed up for, to serve for the benefit of the many or to be the means of oppression for the few. You are us, maybe in a blue uniform but still part of us, please have a long hard look in the mirror guys, is this what you signed up for?

© Viciousbutfair 2017