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A wise man (sorry: cis-ultra-far-right-old-white-privileged, non-gender-fluid dead man) once said that those who do not learn from History are condemned to repeat it. History is to do with memory, a nation’s collective memory.

We’ve all remarked again and again that Generation Snowflake and their slightly older siblings, now firmly occupying the meejah, have a memory which doesn’t go further back than last Tuesday.
The shitstorm in the international MSM about Charlottesville and what Trump said or should’ve said is there for all to see. What is not there for all to see are two phenomena:

1) the international connection between left-wing, antifa, soros-supported groups;
2) evidence for the extremely close connection between islam and the modern left’s ideology.

Let me explain:
Remember the ‘campaign’ last year to remove the statue of Cecil Rhodes in Oxford? He was an arch-colonialist – so off with his bronze head … That was only a year ago. This idea was picked up by lefty politicians in the USA, e.g. Charlottesville. Pure coincidence? You might certainly think so … What about “BLM”, suddenly turning up here in the UK? Another coincidence? You might certainly think so …
So what about ‘antifa’? That also has its roots here in Old Europe. Remember ‘United Against Fascism’, ‘UAF’, supported even by that political luminary, our former PM David Cameron? Remember HNH? Remember their ‘deeds’? It’s been apparently seamlessly transposed to the USA, as we saw this year at the “protests” in Berkely, for example.
Our dear meejah types have of course politely swept that under the carpet in their current reports. That’s not just a function of their having creative memory loss where antifa is concerned. After all, they remember perfectly well Hitler and the Nazis even though that is now well over 70 years ago, and even if they somehow conveniently forget what kicked off 100 years ago in Russia …
In a perfect strategy which they have learned from the master of propaganda and lies – a certain Dr Joseph Goebbels, who was of course an arch-Nazi – the International Left (IL™)  are labelling a group of people and by extension a single person as ‘vermin’ who can of course be exterminated: pure 3rd Reich.
This is exactly what we now observe: the international cultural elite – lefties one and all – have declared that Trump = Hitler, thus all Trump supporters = Nazis, thus: exterminate.
Also generously overlooked is another fact which shows both the selective memory loss and the scientific ignorance of that ‘elite’. Not only do they treat the Charlottesville incident as if it came out of the blue. By generously overlooking the trajectory of left wing ‘protests’ since Trump’s inauguration they show that they have never heard of Newton’s (who he? Another old, white etc etc etc male? Get rid of him!) “Laws of Motion”. Here’s his Third Law: “When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.”
In politics, this means that the violent antifa protests in the USA engendered the increasing presence of armed, ultra-right wing protesters, culminating in what we saw in Charlottesville. In the same way as antifa has encroached on legitimate left-wing protests, using them for their violent actions, so the actual far right, i.e. certain neo-nazi groups in the USA, have abused a legitimate conservative demo for their aims.

Frankly, the sight of those torch-bearing people, shouting despicable slogans, creeped me out! But given the way antifa have chased and attacked conservative demonstrators, seeing a group of armed men demonstrating now cannot have been totallyt unexpected. Americans have the right to bear arms, something the lily-livered EU-Left forgets. After all,who needs guns when there are  bike-locks, making such an effective weapon …
I heartily recommend you read this excellent analysis by Ben Shapiro in the
National Review Online who provides a much-needed historical context.
Charlottesville is not the end. The IL™ in the form of Democrat politicians wants more statues of “old white racists” destroyed while still keeping a statue of Lenin … in Seattle … (see here).
But there’s more, elegantly (even if I say so myself) allowing me to proceed to Point 2: the extreme ideological closeness between the international left and islam. Savour this demand: “Next on Liberals’ List for Destruction: Confederate Carvings at Stone Mountain Memorial”
Now who would do such a thing … oh wait:
After 1,700 years, Buddhas fall to Taliban dynamite – ah, but that was 16 years ago, so Generation Snowflake cannot be expected to remember … What about this then:
There’s actually a whole wiki article on the destruction of this and other monuments by ISIS – although it’s not just ISIS who does that sort of thing:
Can you hear the bells ringing now? Just like islam, the IL™ aims to eradicate the past history of nations by blowing up or just gently ‘removing’ statues and monuments. Use your browser of choice to find out about British lefties and islamists defacing British memorials to WWI and WWII here in the UK.
It doesn’t take a Newton or Einstein to connect the dots: the IL™, like islam, is all for destroying the monuments erected by past generations to remember past deeds, be it in communal grief or joy: history is not needed! For the IL™, ‘mental health issues’ exculpate muslims, but not a white man. It is also fine to use that one white person – be it Thomas Mair, be it the unfortunate man in Charlotteville – to condemn all white men, while at the same time it is bigoted and islamophobic to condemn the RoP for the crimes committed by a muslim. Never forget: fighting the IL™ and islam is bigoted.
It’s just a pity that the IL™ still doesn’t understand that they are kuffars just like us, and that their heads will roll just as nicely (if not more so) in the caliphate. Wasn’t it one of the IL™’s heros – the one with a statue in Seattle – who mentioned ‘useful idiots’ ..?

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