How Did We Get Here, Part Four

During the Petri dish 60s we see the UK undergoing fundamental changes.
The unions held the whip hand, the careful rebuilding and prosperity of the Conservative years was once again  demolished by the Labour party.
Slowly, clinically and with deliberate intent during the 60s and 70s the unions dismantled strategic  industries. Eventually coal, steel, ship building, car and motor bike manufacturing and electronics were all  effectively sabotaged.
Unemployment rose from a 2m average in the 60s to in excess of 5m and rising by the mid seventies. Fortunately  for capitalism and profit we now had the emerging Chinese markets and so Hong Kong and Taiwan now made all the  shit we thought we needed.
By the time Maggie got a grip it was effectively too late and we could not compete with the new world, we put a  Band Aid on the wound and curbed union activity but the horse had already bolted.

Crucially, in education, and I believe this is a cornerstone for the left, we now had many left wing radicals,  the beats and the hippies were also now the instructors.
With a backdrop of revolution, anarchy and protest it was pretty cool for the baby boomers to drop out and give  the finger to the man.
Subversive material was everywhere, magazines like Oz and International Times preached Agitprop, there was a  cult of drugs and rebellion, student protest and riots run rampant in the cities, all set to some pretty cool  music.

The music was always there, a constant everyday presence, in amongst the pop and the dance tunes there was also  much ‘social message’.
Buffalo Springfield’s “For what it’s worth” with its hook,“It’s time we stop, hey what’s that sound, everybody  look what’s going down”, originally in response to young kids partying in LA and shut down by the cops, was  later appropriated by protesters at Kent State University after 4 students were killed during an anti Vietnam  war protest and became one of the soundtracks to student protest and rioting.
If you were cool you upped your cred and you could get laid and nothing was cooler than sticking it to the man.  Tune in, turn on, drop out, that old mantra was always there.

The young dabbled with everything, mysticism, Buddhism, faeries, djinns, aliens, witchcraft. They believed in  everything but in the end they believed in nothing.
The old guidelines of the mums and dads, the silent generation, were gone, we just had a blank page now on  which anything could be written and it was.

The racial unrest in the UK continued well into the 70s and beyond but actually the skirmishes with the West  Indians and the Hindu Asians would be looked on with almost affectionate nostalgia one day because later on  there was a ‘new kid in town’ and now everybody is talking about the new kid.
The only folk who don’t want to hear it are, of course, the current crop of politicians and the sanitization,  through left wing pressure and the forced acceptance of Islam is now the biggest threat we in the UK have to  face.

‘Teach your children well’, CSNY warbled all those years ago and they have been taught well, not always by us  however but often by those who appropriated our culture, who made all things offensive, who have corrupted our  language and our ideas, who have turned our children into submissive accomplices in their social media tea  light and teddy bear world.

I said I would try to end this with kittens and tap dancing hamsters and I am a man of my word.
First though I have to tell you some bad news so do you want the bad news or the good news first?
The bad news please Uncle Vicious, I hear you say, then after that the kittens. OK, so the bad first.

The left have trickled down, they have seeped into education, the judiciary, the police, the media and even the  right wing politicians are afraid to speak and are, to some extent, tainted.
The left have had 50 plus years of creep and that is difficult to shift in a few years. We may be rid soon of  EU federalism, only maybe but it’s a reasonable bet so perhaps one burden less. All the other threats still  remain.

However I don’t believe the insurgence of the left will actually succeed. They are active and vociferous but  their success was only achieved by stealth, just like the EEC lies all those years ago, you will just feel a  small prick but then they cut both your legs off.
It has to be by stealth because they don’t have any answers, they don’t have any solutions, they don’t have any  alternatives.
No socialist system has ever prospered unless it is enforced by a brutal regime of fear and control. China is a  shining beacon of fear and brutal control and it works but for the elite only and it’s certainly not socialist  anymore either.
If you like to drive 50 year old cars or use you hands as toilet paper or eat boiled tree roots for Sunday  lunch then why not try the Cuban or Venezuelan or North Korean form of Socialism, it’s like sooo cool.
Even the Russians eventually gave up and reverted to Al Capone style free market philosophy.

I’ve never met a Socialist, and I have met quite a few, who has an answer to any new way forward. There is only  the negative vibe if you ask them what they would do if they ran things.
‘We wouldn’t do that’
‘So what would you do?
‘Oh, you’re such a fucking fascist, sexist xenophobe’
‘OK but what’s your solution, how would you change things?’
‘You’re such a racist homophobe, I’ll dox you on my Twitter feed so fuck you’
That is the conversation of the left and whilst they have had great success in creeping to positions of power  in many fields they are few, their control is the hate crime, the threat of social stigma, the MSM smear, the  thuggery of their militants and people are waking up to this every day.

Aside from more taxation and the giant money plantation the left offer nothing, no argument, no answer, no  alternative, no brave new world.
In the end conservatism and capitalism is the only thing that works, it may be only after a fashion, but still,  you do some stuff, someone pays you for doing the stuff then you go and buy some stuff then you buy a bigger  place to keep your stuff and so it goes.
Unless we want to go back to mud huts where we till the soil or form groups for barter, ‘Anyone want my tennis  racket, I need some beads for my wife’s birthday, oh come on guys, give me a break, I haven’t got laid in two  months, just some shitty beads please, it’s a fucking Slazenger?’

Uncle Vicious put on his serious face as they sat round the campfire.
“We have to do exactly what the left do, we have to put in the hours, we have to organize, we have to fight  every corner, we have to question everything, we have to because our cause is right, it’s a way of life,  freedom, hope, aspiration, culture, it’s not an ideology, not a piece of dogma squirted out of some Marxist  backside.
There are people, many of them, who believe what we do but they just don’t know that yet. Slowly I see more and  more of them open one eye. Our job is to shake them, wake them and have them join us, if we do that we are  unstoppable. If we ultimately fail then it is because we did nothing”.

© Viciousbutfair

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