“Climate Change”, islam and the West

Colliemum, Going Postal

You might think this is an odd combination. What does ‘Climate Change’ have to do with islam? A huge lot!
Let’s look at Climate Change first: nobody nowadays can deny that it’s akin to a pseudo-religion, with acolytes and with very powerful ‘priests’ who’ve been pushing this religion since 1989. It was the main ‘theme’ in politics during the late 1990s and early 2000s, the results of which we can see today with bird shredders dominating our beautiful landscape and with our money spent on being ‘pure’ by ‘de-carbonising’ our lives. You’ve lived through it, I don’t need to go into details.

During this time we saw the rise of fake news when it came to what Climate Change was supposedly doing to us. We saw the rise of ‘preachers’ whose aim was to get us all to accept austerity (not the Corbynomic variety) and to believe the Climate-Change-High-Priests – or else, “or else” being the professional destruction of careers.

In the 1990s islam had not yet got into our public and political discourse. There were things going on far away, like the Chechen wars, or the Gulf War, or even Afghanistan, but it was all far away, mostly due to ‘bad politicians over there’, nothing to do with us.

During the Blair-Brown years, and generally unnoticed by us, islam crept into our country. Nobody in their right minds could imagine that even then our girls were already groomed and gang-raped. It was not in the news. We were told to be concerned with Climate Change and racism.

The ‘model’ of how to formulate ‘narratives’ and get political decisions made according to the tenets of Climate Change had during those years been tried, tested, found to be good – and was, from the 2000s onwards, used to promote islam: fake news, fake information about that RoP, suppression of truth, destruction of professional careers – it worked again for islam. People were again told not to believe the evidence of their own eyes, just as they were told earlier not to believe their own experiences, not to believe any reports or scientific papers contradicting Climate Change.

People were well trained: accept that TPTB know best, that the MSM are always right, that experts know what they are talking about and never would lie, and that, sadly, we all have to pay up.
However, there suddenly appeared one fly in the ointment, then two, then a whole lot – now there are thousands of them! These flies are the alt-media, the Drudge Reports, the Breitbarts, the bloggers, the youtube channels: all created and then facilitated with more and more people having more and better access to the internet.

The ‘elites’ suddenly were not believed any longer. More and more people started to ask more and more inconvenient questions, not just about fake, junk science and fake news, but about the providers of such stuff.

Suddenly, the ‘narrative providers’ found themselves on their collective back feet. Suddenly, ordinary people found the courage to speak out, and found that they were not the cranks, deniers, racists, ‘phobics’, as the powerful had depicted them for so long. They found that they were not alone, and that many others shared their opinions.

Some started to dig deeper and found that there was a connection between those two main themes plaguing today’s political scene: globalists. People were able to dig through information on the internet. They found, thanks to the prideful online posturings of interest groups, pressure groups and lobbyist that yes, there is indeed a globalist agenda which has nothing to do with global economic prosperity but with global wealth exchange from us to a few Up There. We learned that there’s indeed an agenda – not just the UN’s Agenda 21 – and that it’s called ‘New World Order’.

Those whose aim is said New World Order have carefully defined and refined the instruments to bring this about, by first getting The West (that’s us) to accept guilt for everything and thus accept that to cleanse ourselves from our sins we must pay, using the MSM and politicians to promote this ‘idea’. While we were thus engaged, they made money and tightened the screws.

When the Climate Change shibboleth was running out of steam, islamification was the next step. Terrorists had been carefully supported, and allowed to get out of control, from Al Qaeda, Taliban to ISIS and the rest. The wars in the ME were welcomed if not actually incited by those globalists. Best of all – the stream of ‘refugees’ were encouraged, to undermine Western Culture, and with the instruments honed during the Climate Change ‘debate’ free speech especially on the internet could now finally be suppressed for reasons of ‘diversity’, against racism and against ‘hate of islam’.

Meanwhile, The West is becoming impoverished, ‘security’ thanks to terrorism needs to be paid for so that infrastructures, already under pressure from immigration and from ‘Climate Change’ policies, is crumbling everywhere.

There’s one glimmer of hope on the horizon: the Climate Change hoax has run its course, and those who ‘denied’ it are the first woke people, who’ve transferred their expertise to fighting islam and to help more and more people to become woke. There’s still a long way to go, but, in the words of the Enemy from 100 years ago: ‘we are many – they are few’. So – courage, my friends! It may have taken 30 years to scupper that hoax, but we’re already half-way through the islam hoax. We can do it! Cheers!

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