Thirty Years Later – With Phil the test manager

Going Postal

This is dedicated to all those Going Postalliers that were brutally taken away from us during the 2020 purge by the Muslims.  Those who attended the 2020 “Piss-up in a brewery” and were slaughtered.  We pay homage to Swiss French Bob, the Sarge who valiantly took down 10 of the bastards, to MJ Bunglefever, who died whilst still playing music and Combat Dave, the Buttscatcher Jimmy and Rotherham Pufta and Jesus.  We remember also Mr HogwartsBukkake and Guardians Quitter, who were caught later that year with knitted penis’s and died whilst serving time in the Gulag in Tower Hamlets, they never did get the chance to talk about it.  We shall remember Old Trout, Judas was Paid, ColloniesCross and Mr Cloud, who just disappeared one day, never to be seen again.  To those like Kipper and Bob Crow, who were slaughtered just because they had some pictures of ladiez.  This is also dedicated to all those who never posted much, but read the comments (despite it being against the rules) and up-ticking.  We miss you all.

There are still some old-timers left, barely hanging on, and we get the occasional younger person who find their way on the Dark Net.  This is for you, so you understand what happened.

I remember back in 2017 on the 8th June.  It was the General Election (for the younger readers, this is where we had a chance to vote for a person, or political party that we liked, or at least the one we felt less worse) billed as the Brexit* one, but following a few Muslim attacks, it turned into a “Terrorism” type one.  The powers that be could not bear to call it attacks by “Islam” or “Muslim”, everything had to be sanitised in those days.

(* In those days, what we now know as CEC (Central European Caliphate) was split into different countries, each country could speak its own language, in fact some had their own laws of the land, but all had to follow the laws from something called “European Union Parliament”. The United Kingdom, as it was then known, was the only country that actually followed these laws.  We did not like it much, so “Nigel” (see later) managed to force the then government to give a free vote for the citizens, who promptly opted to leave.)  This lead to “Generation Snowflake” who were the forerunners to the present state that we are in.

In those days it was quite normal that following an atrocity where people were killed and injured, we went through a process called “The Narrative”.  This was carried out by the by the MSM (Main Stream Media).   Again, for our younger readers, the MSM were people who were allowed to print things or put things on a television, (other than our current devout programmes).  They were paid for by big companies who wanted to rule the world and supported by governments of all colours.  All their programmes and printed articles had to be kind to Muslims.  The narrative they had to do was like this:

1st couple of hours – Insist that no one must jump to conclusions as to whether or not the attackers were Muslim.  We all knew it was the Muslims though.  If I remember well there was a Norwegian bloke, he was white, who killed a load of students a couple of years earlier, and there was a mentally ill patient who killed a female MP, cannot remember her name though.  Apart from those two, every attack was a Muslim one.

Obviously in these days with everyone being a Muslim, the daily attacks we true Muslims suffer is from the other type of Muslims, who are not true Muslims like what we are.

After around 3 to 4 hours the rumours that they were Asian would come out, probably right-wingers, one thing was for certain, it was nothing to do with Islam.  Yes indeed, in them days anyone who did not have white skin was called Asian.  I think our Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and other friends used to get annoyed.

About 8 hours later the MSM would be saying things like “No obvious motive for the attack”, it was a “Lone wolf” (even if there were 12 of them shooting or blowing people up).

By day 2, it always became clear that it was indeed a Muslim attack, as the people doing the shooting; bombing; drive-overs; stabbing etc were indeed Muslim.  I will always remember how the Muslim powers that be would say the attackers were not Muslim.  I never could understand that given they grew up Muslim, went to a Madrassas to learn, went to the Mosque regularly, could quote the Koran, and when inevitably dead, following their attack, had a Muslim funeral.  Thinking back, I think they were trying to fools us normal people.

By day 3, the news about all the people dead and dying would quietly disappear, to be replaced by news of a “backlash” against Muslims.  It appears that every time a normal person so much as looked at a Muslim, the Muslim would report this as a “Hate crime”, and then the police would arrest the normal person and force them to attend a diversity course and give them a criminal record.

On day 3/4 our valiant police would raid various households and arrest several people, usually those related to the attackers.  I cannot recall anyone arrested during any of these phases who was ever charged with anything.  I guess it was so the police looked like they were doing something.  It was always noticeable that if 20 people were arrested about an atrocity, then 60 people would be arrested for a “Hate Crime” in the following days.  We soon learned, hence the move to the Dark Net.

By day 4, we usually got to find out the names of the attackers, bit of a dead-giveaway really, nothing but Muslim names.  However the police always did thorough research in those days, and within about 15 minutes had ascertained that each of the attackers had in fact had long term psychiatric problems.  Indeed most were going to be brain surgeons, doctors or football players.  I always wondered at the time if the problem was not actually being a Muslim, but having the aspiration to be a brain surgeon/doctor/footballer that caused their mental illness.  I certainly dissuaded my kids from becoming one.

Day 5 usually gave us more information about the attack.  We were fortunate that so many Muslims were around to give free taxi rides to the un-injured, and pretty much all the doctors and nurses who saved the lives of anyone surviving was also a Muslim.

By Day 6 or 7 we had all forgotten about it.  I suppose those who lost their lives did get a funeral, but none of the relatives were able to say anything about it for some reason.

Some of our surviving older readers may even remember that back in them days, we would light tea candles, and have a vigil in remembrance of those who were brutally murdered, we even used to get pop-stars (for the younger readers, these were people who used to sing popular songs of the day) to do a concert.  Buildings used to be lit up with the country flag where the last attack took place.  I was never totally convinced this achieved much, but I was told it made the country feel better.

Back to the point though, the General Election on the 8th June 2017 was a spectacular success for the Conservative Party of Great Britain and Northern Ireland   I do not think the likes of us here now on this Dark Net actually wanted them in power, but there was little other choice.  At the time we wanted something called UKIP to win, as this group was going to stop immigration and sort out the problem with Islam, but as they could not win, we hoped the Conservative party would deal with the problem.  Sadly this did not turn out to be the case.

From that point on, we had Muslim attack after Muslim attack, over 2 million killed, and many more thousands with life changing injuries.  Yet still the government would not stop immigration, in fact if I remember correctly, they doubled immigration to make up for the loss of those normal people getting killed.

We hoped they would do something, maybe ban the Burka, especially after 427 little boys and girls and 75 teachers were mown down by machine gun fire, carried out by Muslim men wearing a Burka to get into the school.  But no though.  Something about “Yuman rights”, they could not change anything.

Muslim mayors in 5 of the 6 regional areas all agreed with the first Muslim Mayor (I think his name was Sad Dick or something like that) that we the people, would have to see this as part and parcel of life (or death if unfortunate enough).

The General Election of 2020 was the real turning point.  The government in 2018 had proscribed UKIP and anyone who complained about Islam, so to be a member of UKIP or simply just complaining about Islam meant being arrested and imprisoned for up to 5 years.  They got “Nigel” on this one, 5 years he had to do and never got any parole.

Nigel left the Gulag, still a very proud man; I remember that first day of his release as if it were yesterday.  There was nothing on the MSM about it, but some of us did remember and so we collected him from the Gulag and took him for a pint.  Most of us were inside the pub (For the younger readers, this is where you could buy and drink alcohol, I know!).

Anyway, according to the reports, he had gone outside for a fag (Younger readers please do not ask) when a terrible accident occurred.  It transpired that a van carrying explosives for the quarry 300 miles up the road had, negligently, also carried detonators of the sort that could be affected by Radio Frequency.  Nigel was just dialling a number on his phone at the very same moment the van passed by him and the van blew up, killing Nigel.  What are the odds of that happening we all thought?  MSM put us straight though, it was indeed pure coincidence and a tragic event, and that we should all pray for the van driver.

For the younger readers who do not know of “Nigel”, ask any older relatives, if you have any left that is, as to even read or say the word “Nigel” is now punishable by stoning to death.  Some of our older readers may remember the scene from a long banned film, something to do with a bloke called Brian who was very naughty.

All of the newly renamed Muslim Labour Party, Parliamentary Candidates for the 2020 General Election were from an all-male, all Muslim short-list.  To counter this, the Conservative Party ones insisted that their candidates must be from an all-female, all Muslim shortlist.  Of course, given that the Conservative Party had not done anything about the Muslim attacks, the winners of this 2020 (and our last ever) General Election was the Muslim Labour Party, no doubt helped by the 14 million postal votes.  People felt they had to vote, and voted for their least bad candidate.  It was noted that 92.7% of votes cast on the day were classed as spoilt, so could not be counted.  Their first act of Parliament was to abolish the House of Lords.  This was then used to house the female Muslims who were elected, as they were not required to be part of the government.

By 2025 it was announced that Parliament was to be abolished.  We had taken our place as NO-CEC. (Northern Order – Central European Caliphate).

It’s not too bad really, like most of you, I just learnt parts of the Koran, and I go to the Mosque every Friday, without fail, as I do not want to get beaten again, or see my wife getting her other arm hacked off.  Not being able to go out is not that bad.  I have a few books I stash away from the regular Shariah Police house searches and I have a good hiding place for this Tablet I use on the Dark Net, so the wife and I get to communicate to likeminded people when we can.  I do miss the beer though, and I am so looking forward to the upcoming “Piss-up in a brewery”, which is now a bombed-out Mosque.  Just hope we do not get found out.

The terror attacks still go on of course, but at least it is not several times a day like the bad old days, just once a week or so, I think it was last year where went 9 days without any attack at all!

Our Iman’s have identified that the people carrying out attacks on us proper Muslims are not of course Muslims, they are inevitably described as “White British”, normally acting alone, and they have mental health issues, so fortunately it is still nothing to do with Islam.

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