Then and now, 1215 and 2017

Cynic, Going Postal

Recently I read Dan Jones book ‘Realm Divided’, which is about the political situation of  England in the year of Magna Carta, and pondered the comparison with today.

Then, there was an oppressive  but politically weak king physically at war with many of those  who were rich and powerful and who constituted the community of the realm, whilst he was  embroiled in difficulties in Europe and an ambiguous but influential relationship with its  main institution. 

Now we  have a weak leader fighting an unconvincing election against an unpalatable  opposition, while embroiled in an ambiguous and acrimonious relationship with the main  institution of Europe. Then of course, it was the Papacy. Now, it’s the EU, which like the  Papacy of old, claims the loyalty of most of the clerisy – the media having taken over the  functions of the Church.

There are differences, but also strong and perhaps unexpected similarities. Their landscape  was dominated by tall buildings, the castles of the crown and the small aristocracy, and the  churches. Our landscape is dominated by tall buildings, the offices of the small number of  companies and the state bureaucracies which dominate life – and which overshadow the  churches. (As well of course nowadays by the huge concrete silos for storing in the sky the  sub-humans whose administration occupies much of the bureaucracy.) Then the owners of the  castles and the land were clearly identified by their spectacular heraldry. Now  advertisements brashly force the emblems of the dominant corporations on everyone’s  attention. What’s different is that then the barons were not at all shy and retiring, whereas  now the ultimate owners and senior controllers of the vast agglomerations of wealth and power  nowadays assiduously seek privacy behind layers of legal obfuscation and corporate minions.   Almost as if they had something to hide, or were creatures of darkness. In 1215 three  languages were in general use in this country. Latin was the language of learning. French was  the language of power. English was the language of servants. What is the situation in 2017?  The status of English seems to have been enhanced and it is certainly used by the senior  agents of the powerful, but we’ve seen the jokes about the plans of the EU to turn English  into German, and G-d alone knows the language in which the thoughts of the shadowy ones who  control the giant multi-national corporations are expressed.

In 1215 it was clear who had the right to run things, and in whose interests, although there  was a question about the extent to which the Papacy had legitimate claims, and there was  outright warfare over how the realm had been and should in future be administered.  King John  extorted and oppressed many of his barons to get the money he needed to pay for his  unsuccessful wars in Europe. He further embittered them by his grants of land and office to  foreign advisors and lackeys and by importing foreign mercenaries to fight against the barons  and in the process loot the land. In 2017 it is not so easy or simple to oppress the rich and  powerful. If they become dissatisfied they can largely sell their interests in Britain and  move their activities abroad, and that is also true of their senior servants. This is  certainly a less harrowing alternative than physical violence, which nowadays is associated  with an invasion of parasitic Muslims. As usual they  can pretty much write the laws they  want and have them implemented through the flummery of the political process. Of course, the  big difference nowadays is that Britain no longer has effective sovereignty. Although the  successive forms of sovereign rule have been retained – of  first a monarchy and then the  form of  parliamentary rule and then the form of cabinet government and then the form of  popular democracy – they are shells which  are used to disguise the real rulers and their  exercise of power.

In 1215 the majority of the population were land-bound serfs who were not slaves and had  legal and customary rights, but they certainly had no political presence and the notion that  they should rule or that their rulers would exert themselves to serve the desires of these  people would have been quite risible. It still is, although now most of them are firmly  convinced of the contrary –  a fiction most useful to those who administer them. In 1215 no  one expected the king or the barons to bother about  
 making life pleasant and comfortable for the lower orders, providing some basic order in  society was sufficient, and beyond some basic fear and dislike of invasive and rapacious  foreigners, the populace had little interest in the high politics of foreign entanglements,  or of which barons were gaining or losing in the jostling for power and prestige and wealth  which it was the function of the king to manage for the overall benefit of the country and  his own interests.

What has changed is that Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, bribing voters with each others’ money,  is now accepted as the main political purpose of a parliamentary democracy, and that the  administration of these projects is the justification and function of the politicians and  bureaucrats.  The technological and economic developments of the intervening centuries have  obviously made this possible by allowing the creation of so much more wealth. It is  interesting that despite the higher levels of ‘education’ to which the populace may now  aspire and attain, few of them see anything wrong with that, or think that it could not be  indefinitely sustained, or care for anything larger than their personal prospects of  immediate handouts, or are concerned about the competence of their politicians to do anything  more difficult or important. That is also just fine with the middle classes which are now so  largely employed in administering state control of the populace, because it creates narrow,  selfish careers for them. Our politicians are content to do very nicely for themselves  ignoring denying and selling the true interests of their people. Hence the odium in which the  small number of people who point his out and seek to recognise and serve the higher interests  of a sovereign state and people are held. 

The modern equivalent of the barons, the multinational corporations and banks, care nothing  for nations or peoples, indeed they are inimical to them. They use the institutions and  politicians of all the countries in which they operate to secure their financial interests,  accepting a certain amount of taxation as a cost of doing business and a means of keeping the  populace pacified and distracted. They also finance and create the organisations which  subvert them, from  cultural Marxism infiltrating the media, academia and institutions of  these countries to corrupt the peoples and dissolve their identities, to the invasions of  black and Muslim savages to subdue and replace them, with the intention of destroying  anything other than a corrupt and subservient fellahin which could never act against them.   The situation of the populace in 2017 is much worse, albeit much more comfortable than it was  in 1215, because their existence as a people is being destroyed – and they mostly don’t care.

In 1215 the barons who rebelled against the tyranny of John forced him to agree to Magna  Carta, which accepted their right to act as Community of the Realm, and included ‘free’ men  in the protection of the law and implicitly accepted them as part of the realm whose  interests were to be protected. This turned out to be a brief peace treaty in a civil war,  although later it was frequently re-issued and became an exaggerated talisman of liberty. At  the time it was promptly annulled  by the Pope, who was outraged by the baron’s presumption  in resisting his then favourite king. After previous disagreements the Pope had  excommunicated John and placed England under an interdict which lasted for several years,  during which priests were prohibited from performing their religious duties, to the scandal  and distress of the people – but the cunning king had completely reversed the situation by  submitting his kingdom to the Papacy and receiving it back as a feudal vassal of the Pope!   This has a modern echo in the comparison with the EU, to which our political elite has  subjected the country and from which the Brexit ‘rebellion’ is trying to extract it. There is  even a similarity in the roles of Stephen Langton and Nigel Farage! Langton was Archbishop of  Canterbury, sympathetic to the rebels and helped them to draft Magna Carta, much to the  displeasure of the Pope. Farage was the only prominent person who promoted Brexit and had a  career resisting the EU and promoting the Brexit referendum, which both the EU and our  political and media establishments are busily trying to suppress.

We may from 2017 look back at 1215 and see that they are on opposite sides of a hill. In the  earlier period, institutions were developing to politically express a community, representing  the interests of both high and low and endeavouring to make the rulers take these interests  into account. Now the institutions are misused and the very concept of community is perverted  and any attempt to assert the actual existence let alone the sovereign nature of the native  people is savagely repressed. ‘Community’ has been twisted into preferences for parasitical  and savage invaders who should be recognised as having nothing in common with the British.  This has been insidiously advanced under the guise of ‘integration’ and anti-racism’ although  it should have been recognised as outrageous to attempt to ‘integrate’ Britain with Turd  World savages, however many photos they might have of them buggering our politicians.  ‘Racism’, of course, is just another evil anti-white and anti-British concept used by  subversive lefties to destroy the identities of white people. ‘Multi-culturalism’ and  ‘cultural enrichment’ are further cultural Marxist weapons used to destroy and degrade the  indigenous communities and to insult and confuse them. No sane person could suppose there to  be any need or benefit for Britain to be merged with filth. Natural interaction with other  white peoples was good and sufficient – which is why the Cultural Marxists had to subvert it.  A century ago, let alone in 1215, this evil garbage would have been recognised for what it  is. Now the subversion of academia, the media and the institutions of public life have  enforced it.

This polity is supposedly a ‘representative democracy’, amongst other things, and the  ‘representatives of the people’ are chosen at elections. Who and what are now represented?  It’s certainly not the true interests of the native people. Increasingly the representatives  are a new class of parasites and liars consisting of imported savages who contemptuously  exploit their hosts, and local subversives, layabouts and glib self serving crooks quick to  seek advancement by betraying the British people to corrupt foreign and financial interests.  Even the democratic process is increasingly blatantly perverted. Somehow, voting has been  extended to those who are not even citizens, merely residents. There are the well known  postal voting abuses available to Muslims in particular it would seem. Indeed the whole  notion of citizenship has been debased to ‘Britishness’, adhering to ‘British values’  whatever they may be, and the giving of citizenship for a small fee and the passing of an  examination . It’s crazy. Deliberately so. It leads to abominations like Vaz and the  Abbotopotamus as British MP’s and of all the political parties selecting invaders as  candidates and abjectly truckling to their ‘communities’. The political parties are firmly  controlled by the evil interests and impose these people on their local constituencies.

The actual interests which the politicians then promote are not those of ‘the People’, but  those of the subversive left and the banksters who rule them all, who use the politicians,  institutions and media of the people to undermine and destroy their true nature and identity.   Nowadays our political institutions no longer represent a ‘body politic’ of a particular  people; instead they represent self interest and evil. Traitors have introduced invaders and  corrupted the minds and morals of the natives so that everything foreign and hostile is  preferred and any remnants of a true native community attempting to express its interests and  identity are denied and repressed, in favour of a new ‘we’ of filth, invaders and sleazy  crooks.

In 1215 there was a clash of powerful interests over the body of the people and the land. Now  the interests of our rulers are far more aligned, and they all prey on the people and the  land. The political contests called elections, in which the people are allowed to shout  ‘Yah!’ or ‘Boo!’ at each other and in favour of one clique or another of corrupt and depraved  vermin counting heads to determine which gang can claim to be the Representatives of the  People in administering their political affairs internally and within the ‘Community of  Nations’, is just a sham. The snouts around the trough will be slightly rearranged, but the  real financial, cultural, political and institutional rulers will continue to operate as  usual. A plague on all their houses.

Cynic, Going Postal

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