Something Has to Change

John Booth, Going Postal
Suspect shot during attacks, appears to be wearing bomb vest

The political elite are lying to us.

Several days after the Manchester bombing, I detect a wicked and dishonest reaction.  There now seems to be a State appropriation of the murders for their own virtue signalling which is a deflecting from the news and from the truth.

As Mark Steyn recently said in a SteynOnline post “The authorities want us to mourn the dead but do not want us to think about how we avenge the dead”.

We now see armed police on every corner, worried people in the streets looking over their shoulders, increased security at ports, streets closed off, bomb disposal units being deployed  – and the authorities tell us that the correct response to terror attacks are to ‘carry on as normal’, nothing must change.  This is not normal. Things are NOT normal, everything HAS changed.

Normal people are seething with anger and frustration at the increased Islamic terror while after every attack the elite engage in virtue signalling as a substitute for actually doing anything to stop it.  The Chief Constable of Greater Manchester’s first instinct after the bombing was to issue a statement that ‘we won’t tolerate hate’, meaning we mustn’t verbally attack muslims in reaction to the muslim bomber, in other words not hurting muslims feelings is more important that blown up and dead kids.

‘Manchester strong’, ‘we are united’, ‘Je suis Charlie’, memorial concerts etc, etc seems to be an attempt at a sort of national or municipal healing therapy that is deliberately stopping us asking the question ‘what is going to change’?  Mass mourning seems to be de rigour now, but it is not the City that has been attacked in Nice, Brussels and Manchester, it is its people.  The families of the dead and injured are suffering, not the bloody buildings and the cities.  The MSM reaction to these attacks seems to be more and more talking heads pontificating about ‘tolerance’ and avoiding the elephant in the room while the poor families of the dead and injured are hardly mentioned.  It is they who the talking heads should be concerned about and I don’t mean the obligatory ‘our thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and families’ blah, blah which get trotted out by the politicians with all the sincerity of a snake oil salesman.

The reaction after every attack is now depressingly familiar and predictable.  Solidarity concert/gathering/photo, hashtags, candles, teddy bears, ‘we are united’ bollocks.  As I have said before, the authorities want us to do this but as long as we do not riot.  They want us to ‘get used to it’.  They want us to feel that this is ‘the new normal’, it’s ‘part and parcel of living in a big city’. Because they don’t want us to react to terror other than meaningless virtue signalling.  Because they don’t trust us.  They are shit scared we might take to the streets to protest, or riot, or burn down a mosque.

This terrorism is not something that we have always lived with.  We didn’t have Islamic Jihad 20 or 30 years ago.  We had IRA terrorism but we didn’t have Islamic terrorism.  This ‘problem’ has not been with us for that long, this ‘problem’ has been imported.  We imported it, or rather our political elite has imported it.  A provable fact that the liberal left hate to be confronted with is, that the more muslims there are in any country, the more terrorism there is and the fewer muslims there are, the less terrorism there is.  You only have to look at countries like Poland, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Samoa, Armenia, Guam, French Polynesia, Laos, Macau, North Korea, South Korea, Vietnam, Botswana, Namibia and many others that have no Islamic terrorism and they also have <1% muslims.

Politicians and the apologists say things like ‘it’s only a tiny % of muslims who are terrorists’.  So that’s alright then, it’s not a problem we can sleep easily.  But what is tiny? 1%?  So if we have let’s say 300,000 muslims living here, that means we have 3,000 terrorists here.  If we allow in millions as Merkel has, then in Europe we have thousands and thousands of people who want to kill us.  Why is this not mentioned by any news channel, commentator or TV presenter?

The reaction to Manchester and all the other atrocities should not be ‘solidarity’, teddy bears, candles, group mourning and hashtags, but it is to question the political elite ‘what is going to change?’ and to demand that they give answers without the questioner being labelled a ‘hater’ which is their MO to deflect from the issue. We want answers as what the political class are going to do to stop the Islamic terrorism and stop the pile of dead and injured getting bigger.

Where are the fearless interviewers, the journalists, the TV presenters?  Where are they?  Why is no interviewer or presenter confronting the Prime Minister, the Home Secretary and that rest of the political elite for answers?  Not platitudes, not ‘unity’ bollocks or the rest of the virtue signalling lexicon, but ANSWERS to the question, ‘what are you going to do to stop these attacks and make us safer’, ‘what are you actually going to DO?’  I am seething with rage about this cowardice, this conspiracy to avoid confronting the elite, the people that are elected and paid to protect us. When are we going to witness the elite being confronted and questioned and answers demanded?

© John Booth