Solutions to Intractable Problems

Wycombewanderer, Going Postal
Bedlam, from ‘A Rakes Progress’ 1733 By William Hogarth

Well we all know what should be done, we all know the solution to having fewer muslim terrorist attacks is to have fewer muslims, the evidence is plain to see from Warsaw to Tokyo.
We can also see another way, there are few terrorist attacks in cities such as Riyadh and Qatar, but that means adopting a regime as bad as the terrorists.
Oman where my brother lives follow a different strain of Islam but they are disliked by both sunni and shia, so i think their days are numbered to be honest. (my brother’s wife is Slovakian so he will retire there next year).

But what can be done in the UK?

Here in France there is the possibility of stripping dual nationals of their French citizenship, but that would be unlikely to pass parliament, let alone the UK courts and I believe it is being contested at the ECHR.

We have an opposition party, well more than one, who have consistently refused to back any anti terror legislation.

The Tories have proposed a ‘Bill of rights’ for the UK and withdrawal from the EctHR, but again that is unlikely to pass parliament without adopting all the rights currently enshrined by the act it attempts to replace and in any case our judges appear to now be so indoctrinated in that way of thinking that they follow those guidelines no matter the wishes of parliament.

Could stronger deterrent sentences work as proposed by the PM?

Bollocks of course they can’t, sitting in HMP, even a maximum security chokey is preferable to the shitholes most of these savages come from, so it’s the difference between a four and a five star hotel for them, and as Tommy Robinson has said, when he was in jail a cop murdering islamic extremist ran the jail he was in. And a suicide attacker doesn’t give a fuck about jail time.

So again what practically can be done?

No legislation will be passed.

Well think of something else.

Let’s use a piece of legislation that is already in law.

This is the 21st century, I know not all muslims are violent, I know an even greater percentage of the other religions aren’t violent either.

But in 2017 to believe in a sky pixie makes you a bit nuts.
We are all a bit nuts in fact, but that’s another story, BAPH and others, including myself.

So if we are all a bit nuts and believing in sky pixies makes you nuts why not use the mental health act?

We don’t section that guy on the high street who howls at the lampposts but we would section someone who was threatening to kill or calling for someone to be killed, someone, with or without the mens rea to do it if they persisted in those threats.

So for the same reason people who are nuts who believe in sky pixies who don’t cause or menace harm can be left to howl at their lampposts and those who are a danger can be removed.
Yes it will require investment in more secure mental health establishments and those for sky pixie related mental health issues need to be kept away from normal nutters, but maybe it could be done.

And no I don’t think comparisons with totalitarian regimes where people who disagreed with the state were sent to asylums are correct because these people are not against totalitarian state they are calling for one!

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