Progressive Politics, Polarisation and Populism, Part Two II

Coloniescross, Going Postal

Cont. from part two. In recent years we have seen the rise of what is known as the pressure group. Entitled people with an axe to grind and a perception of persecution have taken up minority causes and brought them to the attention of everyone. These people are (you guessed it) progressives. They don’t care in any way that what they lobby for might offend or outrage because they are always right. “Gay” rights are one such cause. Homosexuality was legalised, firstly between consenting adults in 1967 and then from 2001 between anyone over 16 years old. For many people, due to religious or personal belief this was a problem. Some don’t believe homosexuality is really a “thing”, others believe that so long as it’s done in private and consent is involved it’s fine and others are repulsed by the thought of the type(s) of sex “gay” people indulge in. All I believe are entitled to their opinion, that’s human nature, people have brains and they use them, some of the time to think and to form (rightly or wrongly) opinions.

Unfortunately “progressive” people share many common and deeply unattractive traits. One of them is the fact that they can never be satisfied with achieving equality. They have to become “more equal” than “ordinary” people. Compliant governments who love a progressive agenda have passed laws allowing “radicals” to criminalise people for what they believe and in doing so have invented “thought crime”. In recent years we have seen a baker who is a committed church going Christian prosecuted for refusing to provide a cake for a gay celebration and a B&B owner prosecuted for not allowing two men to share a room. These people were acting in accordance with deeply held beliefs surrounding the bible and their own sensibilities. Unfortunately, in the world of the progressive any belief or opinion that doesn’t match his/her set of rules cannot be valid, no matter how heartfelt it might be.

“Progressive” people love immigration, god knows why, but they do. This country has always had a proud tradition of allowing people to come here to work when and if they were needed or as reward for service. We never held back when people needed a real refuge from persecution and intolerance either (isn’t that right Yasmin). Again, not enough, a progressive government opened up our borders and, along with free movement from the EU this has led to an increase in population, not counting births, of over 4 million people. To ordinary folk this makes little or no sense. Questions are rightly asked about housing, school places, health provision, jobs, benefits and many other things. The answer from the progressives is often convoluted, along the lines of “Immigrants bring positive benefits” and “They (as if they were cattle or “slaves”) will do the jobs the British people won’t do”. Never mind the feckless unemployed, queuing outside the tattoo parlour before repairing to Costa coffee that might benefit from a days’ work, let Johnny Foreigner work for a pittance. What the progressives actually mean though is that anyone who questions the wisdom of importing unskilled and mostly unemployable third world dross is a racist. No arguments, no discussion allowed, it isn’t progressive you see.

And so we have become polarised. Not because we’re old or because we have closed minds, but because we have life experience and we are open minded enough to know that every story has two sides. On the other hand, those that claim to be open minded, outward looking and yes, “progressive” are anything but. Their attitude is nothing short of Orwellian and, because some of them probably know, deep down, how wrong they are the only course left open to them is to shut down debate by calling people names.

There is also the elephant in the room, the one thing that polarises many people more than any other. We have allowed an alien quasi religion to flourish in our country without check. Perversely this ideological cult is everything that “progressives” claim not to be. It is misogynistic, it is deeply homophobic, it is insular and it is rabidly violent. It has one avowed aim and it doesn’t care how long it takes to achieve it. It is secretive and it is suspicious of joy that isn’t related to religious fervour. It follows the teachings of a medieval war lord and it allows its followers to interpret these teachings in a myriad of ways, many such interpretations lead to death and destruction. It teaches its followers to lie to “non believers” and it teaches that said non believers are not worthy to live the same life as its believers.

Sharia law is the aim of Islam and, according to its holy book, should Sharia become the law of the land the kuffar (you and me folks) will have three choices. Convert to Islam and be accepted into the fold, refuse to convert but pay the Jizya (kuffar tax) and live out your life as a second class citizen or become apostate, a non believer in the one religion and live what is left of your life in fear of execution. What happens if you question the tenets of this so called religion or if you dare to speak out against its strange and often barbaric ways? You become a racist and an Islamaphobe. Even worse, should you dare to complain or voice concerns when people are murdered by Islamists for going about their daily lives you commit a hate crime and could end up in prison.

This is progressive politics, it closes down debate, it tacitly supports left wing thuggery and it refuses to accept that people who don’t agree with either its agenda or its narrative have a valid voice. The British political, legal and media are full of progressives. They hate the indigenous population for its coarse vulgarity and its willingness to get its hands dirty but, most of all, they hate us because we have found them out, challenged them and found them wanting.

In the final part I want to look at “populism” and how it has become another progressive watchword.

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