Grenfell: The Dianafication of Politics

Colliemum, Going Postal

Remember Tony Blair? Of course you do! Remember the ‘death of the People’s Princess’? Of course you do – even thought this was 20 years ago now.
Well – let’s make a list of what has happened since then:
Stiff upper lip has gone, replaced by a veritable industry of grief. The mountain of flowers at Kensington palace was the start of a new attitude on grief, and it’s now world-wide, as we observe after every single mass murder by jihadis: flowers, teddy bears, tea lights … with the modern addition (there were no interwebz or social meejah 20 years ago) of hashtags and profile photos and everybody tweeting (even the atheists) #PrayforXXXXX .
1997 is the year it started – and it’s as if today’s generation needs to revive and relive that time of “grief”.
There’s however another aspect to this Dianafication, and we can lay it squarely at the feet of His Tonyhood and Labour: their propaganda machine, aided and abetted even then by Al Beeb (which we still called ‘BBC’ with reverence), and that is the quick designation of a person on whom to pour out hatred and vilification by the ‘grieving’ masses. Actual facts don’t come into it. Twenty years ago it was the Queen. His Tonyhood, clever politician that he his, noted quickly that attacking the queen might play well in London and his Labour clientele, but wasn’t a good image for the rest of the country, so, after having kicked that off he quickly pedalled back and elevated himself to the ‘saviour of the monarchy’.
Fast forward to this week and the Grenfell Inferno. Corbyn straightaway does a Tony and disports himself as the humane, grieving-with-the-victims saviour, aided and abetted by Momentum. This time though, on the back of the GE, the scapegoat on which to blame everything is the PM. This time round, all the meejah are in full Corby-the-saviour mode because they still cannot believe that May won on June 8th. They actively suppress news of what May does, such as going to the firefighters first thing that morning, or reporting bigly about her visiting victims in hospital.
No – it’s about “Tory cutz”, and any Labour involvement is nicely disregarded if not actively brushed under the carpet.
Apparently, there was no Labour Government since 1997 which actively implemented the ‘green’ EU policies, down to building regulations which massively contributed to that fire. There was no Labour government which enacted surreptitiously uncontrolled immigration from muslim countries, leading to the state London is in.
Apparently, the muslim London Mayor is not to blame, nor are any muslim councillors. After all – the aim of Jezza and Momentum is ‘to get rid of May’, and anything is welcome. Friday evening’s “demo” shows that this is well organised: how many victims whose homes have been burned out can you think of whose priority is to demonstrate with lovely, professional-looking posters, screeching that Tories have blood on their hands? Well, they didn’t wuite do that for the People’s Princess, but would’ve, I’m sure, had His Tonyhood demanded it.
That Dianaficationof politics also means a Dianafication of the MSM. “Grief” must be the main theme, feelingz trump facts. Nobody in the MSM – given their resources – asks about overcowding of those flats. Nobody asks how come that an ‘exploding fridge’ (any evidence for that explosion?) should gut a whole towerblock? Of course they don’t – after all, given the faces of the occupants, that would lead to inconvenient, ahem, racist questions. Ramidamai night cooking cannot possibly be mentioned. And we must all accept that these were “The Poor ™” who can do no wrong – but never ask how come those poor live in flats advertised on the open market for £2000 rent per month …  no, that would be offensive, that would be hate crime.
Well, let’s watch this Dianafied Momentum Street Theatre of “Protests” unfold, let’s watch for how long they can keep this going. It should die down by next week, shouldn’t it – after all that’s about as long as the time accorded to the victims of Manchester and London Bridge – but somehow I doubt it. I predict that Jo Who’s hubby will use the donations he hopes to rake in today as another little earner by adding the ‘Grenfell victims’ to his grief portfolio.
Meanwhile, we need to battle on, we need to reclaim our country, our history, our culture, our attitudes as a matter of urgency. Always point out the inane Dianafication of Labour and their state Propaganda Machine.  Above all, ridicule all who promote “feelingz” over facts. Oh – and abolish the BBC!

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