General Election 2017 – Focus on Barnsley East

James Dalton CEng BEng (Hons) MIStructE
Barnsley is a town in South Yorkshire. Barnsley was a single constituency represented by one MP until 1983 when boundary changes split the town and surrounding villages and two constituencies were created, Barnsley Central and Barnsley East. From 1953 to 1983 Barnsley was represented by Roy Mason (also MP for Barnsley Central from 1983 to 1987) who served as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland at the height of ‘the troubles’. This was at a time when the Labour Party represented the British working class and before it deserted them in favour of globalist paymasters. At the coming General Election, UKIP are fielding two candidates in the Barnsley seats, two friends – Gavin Felton, ex-Garrison Sergeant Major of Brunei with 24 years service and James Dalton, Chartered Structural Engineer and independent consultant to building contractors.
Gavin Felton from Monk Bretton, Barnsley
On Saturday 27th May 2017, James was visited by former leadership candidate for UKIP, John Rees Evans , to make a video in support of his election campaign. What follows is what James has to say about why UKIP are now the only Party that will represent the people of Barnsley, people who were discarded by the Labour Party many, many years ago…..

Vote UKIP in Barnsley East.

“…..On the 23rd of June 2016, over seventy percent of Barnsley East voted to Leave the EU. My name is James Dalton and I am the UKIP Candidate for Barnsley East in the upcoming General election. I am the ‘Brexit’ Candidate.
The Labour Candidate campaigned to Remain in the EU, despite knowing that wages are driven down by the ongoing mass uncontrolled immigration. She has been parachuted in from the Midlands by the millionaire Islington champagne socialists who know nothing about the people of Barnsley. I took time off work, as did many other Yorkshire people, to campaign in the Referendum to Leave the EU. We are not yet out of the EU and there is still much work to be done to get us out.
Barnsley was once a wealthy town. The magnificent Town Hall is a monument to that wealth, wealth founded on coal – ‘black diamonds’. But the people of Barnsley see little of that wealth in their lives today. The town is getting poorer the housing is getting older and no recent governments have invested in renewing the aging social housing in Barnsley – and the Labour Council has done little to address this problem despite the large rents they receive from their tenants.
In the nineteen eighties when the Tory government under Margaret Thatcher took on the Unions and the Yorkshire miners, the pits closed and 36,000 working men and women lost their jobs and their hopes for the futures of their children. The Tories betrayed the working folk of Barnsley. By nineteen ninety four, Grimethorpe, where my uncle and aunty spent their working lives as teachers, was rated the poorest village in England.
Barnsley people have always put their trust in the Labour Party. But the modern Labour Party is not that of Old Labour MPs: Frank Collindridge, Sydney Schofield or Roy Mason, the working Yorkshire men who represented Barnsley before the pit closures. The modern Labour Party has betrayed the trust and loyalty of the working class as they did when they sided with the bankers and the big city money during last year’s referendum.
Backdoor privatisation of the schools and NHS under Tony Blair’s PFI deals have given us cuts in education and the NHS. Over £1.2m is paid to Labour’s corporate city friends before a pound can be spent on a teacher’s salary at the Netherwood ALC in Darfield. But the Labour Party don’t like to talk about that.
The Mount Vernon Hospital stroke rehabilitation unit at Ward Green is due to close. Thanks  Labour! How long before the secure unit at Kendray closes, where the dedicated mental health staff treated my friend in his time of need in 2011? The Labour Party doesn’t care about the NHS or mental health services. These are just political footballs to them.
The Tories have ignored Barnsley East. The Labour Party has betrayed the people here and taken them for granted – Whether it’s antisocial behaviour, fly tipping or motorcycles on footpaths, the Labour Council always has excuses and never has solutions. Well it’s time for a change. It’s time to find solutions to these problems – and Labour has failed.
Only UKIP fought for Barnsley East to get us out of the EU – and we’re not out yet.Open borders and the uncontrolled immigration of Labour and the Tories is continuing today. How safe and secure do you feel?
Only UKIP will divert money from the Foreign Aid budget and from EU payments to our stretched armed forces and crumbling NHS. Only UKIP will tackle the ongoing unsustainable levels of immigration and put the British people first.
Yes, it’s time for change. On the 8th of June cast your vote for Barnsley’s future. Vote for me, James Dalton your UKIP Candidate in Barnsley East. I will put Barnsley first. …”
John Rees-Evans’ video:
To help James and Gavin, please visit James’ Crowdfunder page and make a small contribution. James and Gavin are fighting the Labour machine in Barnsley. It truly is a ‘David vs Goliath’ battle.