A New Dawn for Ireland

Colin, Going Postal

A letter from Ireland (from our own correspondent).

I thought I’d take the opportunity to pen a few words on the subject, of the election of the  half caste, slightly right, queer, Leo Vradkar, by his peers in the Fine Gael party. To  leader of Fine Gael and Prime Minister (Taoiseach), of the Irish Republic. A fact which will  undoubtedly be treated by some members of the media, as proof positive, of the second coming.  A new Justin Trudeau moment.

Proof, if you will, that the flames of hatred and intolerance ignited, by the thoughtless,  senile and ignorant, through the Brexit referendum and the election of Donald Trump, have  finally been extinguished, by civilised, enlightened people, of good taste …. everywhere.
After the election of Macron, this is surely all the confirmation we need? The science is  done.

And OK, since I first penned the piece. Chaos has broken out in London. The forthcoming  election is in the minds of most people. So, maybe a little light reading, might help soothe  the irritated spirit.

I suppose the first thing you have to understand about Irish politics, is that politicians  are elected, based on a complex proportional representation system, gifted to them by the  Brits. One of the odd consequences of this, is that Irish politicians have to watch their  mouths. What they say, needs some interpretation. Thus, an Irish politician has to try and  appeal to the majority of the electorate. Whilst a British politician needs only concern  themselves, with playing to a particular demographic.

With this in mind. I see the Daily Express, has been embarrassing itself recently by  misrepresenting the comments of one of my local MPs (TDs), Michael Fitzmaurice. The oafish  looking Fitzmaurice is a natural target, for the Express, a stereotype bog twat. They  interpret his speeches in the literal sense, rather than in the Irish political sense. A bit  like when Trump is spun by the likes of the NY Times and WaPo, into something monstrous and  sinister.

His recent call for the Irish to hold a referendum on the outcome of Brexit, should not be  interpreted as a threat to Brexit. For in truth they can do nothing to stop it. It should, in  fact, be seen as a warning to the EU negotiators, to get Ireland a good deal.  As the notion  of any sort of referendum, must bring the EU mandarins, out in a cold sweat. The people can  be such cunts at referendums, dontchano. In truth, Fitzmaurice’s politics are closer to the  Going-Postal political consensus. Not that an Express journalist would understand this.

Colin, Going Postal

Why is Leo no biggie? There are a few big reasons. I’ll try and cover them here.

Firstly, he belongs to Fine Gael.
The “natural” party of government, in Ireland, is Fianna Fáil. Like the Conservative party is  in the UK.  Fianna Fáil fell slowly from grace, with the Irish property crash, and subsequent  corruption scandals in 2011. The main player in this car crash, was Irelands own pocket Tony  Blair – Bertie Ahern. A man who could be relied upon to open Hair Salons in Ballybackwards in  the nineties. An accountant without a bank account, who preferred to keep his cash in the  wardrobe. And given what happened to the Irish Banks, under his government, this could be  considered a fairly sound idea.

Fianna Fail was replaced by Fine Gael, led by Enda Kenny.
Kenny had promised a “democratic revolution”, which came to an end, slightly faster, than it  took the neo-cons to kick Donald Trump into touch. Essentially, Kenny served as the Gauleiter  for the Krauts, who were interested, in shaking down Ireland, in a manner, similar to the  Greeks.
All this top-notch medicine for the Irish economy, didn’t go down well. It came at a  political as well as economic cost. And so in 2016 Fine Gael were returned with an  unsatisfactory majority. They had to form a coalition with their ultimate enemy, Fianna Fáil,  led by Micheál Martin. 
Micheál Martin, is a long-term strategist, who realised that if Fianna Fáil were ever to  return to their glory days, then they should keep their mouths shut, and don’t do anything  bent. For as long as it took Fine Gael to fuck the job up.

So, there’s Leo’s first problem. His government will exist, courtesy of the goodwill, of his  greatest political adversary, Micheál and his “Soldiers of Destiny”.

Then there’s Leo’s penchant for shirt lifting.
Well doesn’t that tick the right progressive boxes? I could practically jerk off the MSM  articles myself. And indeed, there has already been some majorly sickening stuff.
Where do I start? There’s so many places.
I’ll have a go.
Ireland is a predominantly Catholic country. And whilst I lack the historical and theological  understanding of the bible, that “1642 again”, has in spades. Any literal interpretation  would lead one to conclusion that “God hates Fags”.
The importance of this can be seen in the results of the “Gay Marriage referendum” 62% For,  38% Against.
The referendum took place in May 2015. And whilst the results were largely heralded as  progressive Ireland leading the way, like banning smoking in pubs. The truth was it was very  contentious.
There was a massive amount of bullying from progressive elements, within the country,  projected against “No” voters. They were treated and described in the same manner, as Brexit  voters, they were thick, knuckle dragging, bigots.

Coli, Going Postal

Except they weren’t, everyone is allowed to have an opinion, that’s what referenda are for.  It is reasonable to assume that some of the resentment of the “No” voters has been carried  forward. Up to 38% of voters, may well take the view they are being bum fucked. This is a big  problem under a PR system of voting.

So, there you have it. A nation living under EU austerity. A government that could be brought  down at the convenience of Fine Gael’s main political enemies. And an alienated electorate. 

© Colin